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Dear Future Husband

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Dear Future Husband,

I don't know you, I don't know your name and we've never met. Or perhaps we have, somewhere sometime. We might cross paths on our walks down the street. We might be long lost friends. You might be the co-worker I never paid attention to. You can even be the stranger I exchange smiles with on the bus. Anyhow, up to this point I have not the slightest idea of who you might be.

But since we are going to spend the rest of our lives with one another, despite the fact that we might get to know each other at some point in our lives, I would like to tell you these conditions about myself, you, us, that will be relevant at certain parts of our relationship. Don't be surprised, here goes.

Dear Future Husband, even though we're married please still take me out on date nights with just the two of us. Being married, we can be hassled with household things, kids, or whatever. But in the midst of all that, I don't want to lose you. So, either it be spontaneous or carefully planned all that matters is our quality time together. And on these dates, do hold my hand, pat my head, and put your arms around me. I love the notion of people realizing how so much in love we are.

Dear Future Husband, do say the words I love you. And when you do please mean them. If we're married I know for sure that you must love me. Otherwise we won't be tying the knot. But I want to hear it once in a while. Or you don't have to say it, really. Post in on Facebook, or Twitter or anything. It's like a constant reminder that you really love me, not only an idea of love I get from the fact that we are husband and wife. I love it when you do this, and when you do I promise to say it back.

Dear Future Husband, show me. Through grand gestures or small, I don't mind; what I appreciate is your heart and effort. Send me flowers to work. Introduce me to your friends. Shout that you love me in a restaurant full of people, I don't know, get creative. For what you say does not mean a thing unless you show me. I promise to accept it gladly, and appreciate anything you do. If you're lucky I might cry too!

Last but not least, My Dear Future Husband, please do not feel pressured to meet me because of these little matters. I am very excited to meet you along with your quirks and goofs so I hope you are too. And after we do, I will love you wholly, truthfully, and endlessly. I'm patiently waiting.

I can't wait to know who you are.


Your Future Wife

What would you say to yours? Dear future husband,…

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