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Beautify Your Bridesmaids Lunch in 5 Simple Steps

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Photography: Krista Fox

Bridesmaids' luncheons are now becoming popular in the world of brides and weddings; a sweet soiree with your best girls as you discuss about the day you will be united with your Mr. Right. And what can better enhance your intimate gathering than a finely styled dinner table? Today, we want to let you in on five simple steps to instantly beautify your table, because we all know that nothing brings about a happy heart faster than pretty little things.

1.Select Your Theme
A good decor needs to be thematic. So, pick one that you love, and stick to it. Less is always more. Combining elements of different themes will cause inconsistency and you surely don't want that

2.Be Brave with Colours
After finding a theme, choose your colors. Be brave, but in control. Again, less is more. Go with 2 or 3 colors that you like best and keep your décor elements on the same hues.

3.Give Personal Touches
Nothing warms the heart like personal touches. Make your girls feel like they are expected and welcomed. Personalized place cards on their seats will do the trick.

4.Provide Small Gifts
Surprise your ladies with little favors for them to enjoy. Sweet treats, or little toys; something for them to remember the day by.

5.Be Creative
Last but definitely not least, be creative. Go DIY, use flowers, ribbons, laces, anything pretty. There is no right and wrong in this. Put your creative cap on, and get those creative juices flowing. You'll be surprised to find how easy everything come together.

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