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A Wedding Prelude by La Belle Couture Weddings


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Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that it's no easy ride. The whole experience can be very stressful and lead to unresolved tensions between the bride and groom—many couples have even broke up during their wedding planning!

"Over the past 11 years, we noticed that couples tend to be very stressed about wedding planning. From major tasks such as choosing the right venue and bridal boutique, to minor tasks like seating arrangements, they can potentially put a strain on couples' relationship," said Ms. Teo Peiru, Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings.

To help couples with their wedding planning, the bridal boutique recently launched a book titled Wedding Prelude: Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning. A first of its kind in Singapore, the book combines three years of market research with more than 1000 couples and insights from wedding industry veterans.

"The idea of Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning is like having a best friend beside me. The examples, tips, guides, and content are everything you need to help you not only plan your wedding, but achieve your dream wedding!" said Brad Lau and Melody Yap, the faces behind Lady Iron Chef.

Interested in learning more about this book? Just get yourself a copy from Amazon and major bookstores near you.

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