A Romantic Styled Shoot That Breathes Love and Serenity

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The story behind this styled shoot by Etoile is a classic pure and innocent love story. A star-loving, celestial couple who loves a touch of vintage met in France, at a quaint little cafe in Toulouse. In the pink city adorned with hints of blue, the two held hands by each other's side and star-gazed into the quiet night. It was at this moment that the couple is 'Written in the Stars.'

Lovely, isn't it? The beautiful concept by Arches & Co. was then translated into this styled photo shoot. The result is breathtaking and immediately takes viewers to a romantic setting, a nod to Wanderlust Dream Co. for being able to capture incredible moments during the shoot. Makeup Maestro Wedding created significant looks throughout the photoshoot that compliment the model's features.

They created flushed cheeks with freckles and curled hair which exudes a soft yet playful vibe. This natural look goes with the soft colors and rays of lights shining through this Celestial Dressing Gown by Bells & Birds.

For the second part of the shoot, the story shifts to the brides-to-be on the morning of her wedding. She is soaking at the moment, hours before she is supposed to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams. Only wearing a comfortable slip by Bells & Birds, she tries on her star-embellished veil. Everything with Crates made use of a tableside chair decorated with Amy T Fleur's flowers and several candles for a calm atmosphere.

The bride then took one last look at the reception table, arranged in colors that match the cafe where she and her loved one met. Candles in hues of blue and white nestled among textured fabrics exude a soft and romantic vibe. The cascading florals by Amy T Fleur completed the overall look with the right amount of wilderness. She found a few gorgeous jewellery by Vault Fine Jewellery laid down on the table, such as the freshwater pearl necklace and an ethereal ring.

She strolled around the table in a light-weighted voluminous pouf sleeved white gown by CCM Wedding. Her hair is made into a high bun with some messy curls at the bottom, creating a fresh look. The wedding cake by Shirly Twirly is a hard one for her to miss. The white cake has classy marble waves that flow organically to give it texture with a touch of gold on edge for an extra hint of elegance.

Going into reception, the bride changed into her Celestial lace dress by CCM Wedding that has a distinctive peachy undertone, making it very versatile. Her hair is in a combed-back with sleek sides to show off the jewellery that she's wearing: a pair of Roseate Earrings from Vault Fine Jewellery that gave off an edgy vibe from her.

Last but not least, we see the impeccable wedding invitation by Mylin Design Co. which illustrated the venue on the envelope liner. They used elements like vellum to create additional dimension in the suite of stationery, and arranged them amongst organic fabric by Arches & Co. Gold flakes on the place cards add a hint of elegance.

Feeling inspired by the romantic ambiance from this styled shoot by Etoile? Add it to your inspiration board for future reference!


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