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8 Cheap and Easy Bachelorette Party Ideas


When one of your best friends is going to tie the knot, throwing a bachelorette bash is a-must. It is her time to celebrate the last days of being single – and it should be nothing but fun. Check out these ideas of throwing easy and fun bachelorette party. The best part is, they are all very affordable!

1. Good-old high school sleepover

This one is super affordable, fun, and a great excuse to eat pizzas and ice creams. Collect a bunch of movies, from comedies to hopeless romantic, or even thrillers, and then order some pizzas and spend the night with your best girls.

2. Photo shoots party

Make the party all about dressing ups and taking pictures. Go to a portrait studio, dress up in elaborate costumes, channel your inner supermodels and go have fun!

3. Build a book

Buy a scrapbook with removable pages and ask everyone to decorate one side with photos of herself and/or the bride, funny quotes, memories, letter, or any kind of mementos of your friendship. You will have a good laugh reminiscing the old days and hilarious accidents.

4. Pool party

Make a girls' getaway by the pool. Relax in your bikinis, order the frozen cocktails, and get mani-pedis or massages.

5. Casino night

You might attend a real casino, or host one at home. Get all dolled up and ready to play your favorite card games! Choose fun prizes for the winners or penalties for the losers.

6. Sweat together

Friends who are sweating together, stick together. Bond over a hot yoga or even pole-dancing class and treat yourself with a trip to the frozen yogurt or ice cream shop afterwards.

7. Advice for the Bride

Ask the girls to write down their best marriage advice for the bride; and read them aloud during the party. Let the bride guess who said what!

8. Learn how to cook

Book a cooking class and gain a new knowledge in the culinary world as a group. Enjoy your self-made dishes and swap plates with your girls to find out who is the best cook. You can also gather and share family recipes with the bride-to-be!

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