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5 things worth knowing when planning a destination wedding


­­­­With escalating prices of restaurants and venue rentals, an increasing number of local lovebirds are choosing to flock overseas to hold their big day.

Destination weddings are also becoming desirable, as costs tend to be comparable to, or cheaper than getting married in Singapore (see infographics below tabulated by our market research team).

Of course, the cost of marrying overseas is hugely dependent on your vision of a dream wedding. So before you venture out, here are some tips both of you might want to discuss when planning your BIG day.

Shortlist a few destinations

Have an open mind. While you might have an ideal destination in mind, it is always wise to consider other destinations. Throw up a few locations that you and your significant other cherish in your hearts, places that will suit your preferences and personalities. Examples include the places that you had your first kiss (aww…).

Pick the right season

Many lament that Singapore is a place of eternal summer (minus the occasional downpours). However, weather variances occur abroad, and you will never want the weather to dampen the cheery spirit on this momentous occasion, whether it is an outdoor photoshoot or the actual day. A photographer once shared how he had to shoot a wedding during the Philippines' typhoon season; let's just say that the sand just got into everyone's food! The weather also influences your choice of gown - choose a dress that is appropriate for the temperature.

Decide on a budget

For the common folk, getting hitched does bear a fair share of financial weight. To be a prudent spender, fix a budget that is within your means, which is also likely to help you simplify your decision making process, such as on the number of invites and choice of venue. Do bear in mind the need to include additional and 'hidden' costs, such as shipping costs for any furniture or equipment that you might need to ship ahead of time, such as decorations for the venue. Tip: Look out for all-inclusive wedding packages offered by resorts and hotels in your choice destination - these go a long way in helping you save some bucks!

Take care of your guests

No one likes grouchy guests on your big day, so play your part to ensure that their stay is a pleasant and memorable one. Do help your guests to coordinate and book flights and accommodations. No doubt you will be as busy as a bee in the run up to the event, but do remember to consider your guests' needs as well. We really love welcome bags, (like those good ole' party bags in our childhood), and include essentials such as sunblock, healthy snacks and your program sheet. You might also consider getting two members of your bridal party to show hospitality on your behalf to everyone, by planning ice-breakers and booking pampering spa treatments.

Let it go
Planning a wedding abroad means you are free! From age old traditions at least. Have a good talk with your other half to decide on your dream wedding, and live the way you want - it's your day after all! Be as chillax as you like, be it walking down the aisle barefoot, with the warm sand tickling your toes and the warmth of your loved one's smile radiating your heart… save the mush for later. At the end of it, just remember, this is your wedding, and it calls for a celebration that should last a lifetime of memories.


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