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4 Tips on How to Handle Dominating Bridesmaid

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Now, we all know that being a soon to be bride can most likely bring out the worst in us rather than the best (bridezilla, anyone?) Which is why we have and need our lovely bridesmaids there to ease the "pain". Bridesmaids are supposed to be our support system, our sisters who are there to help us go through pre-wedding jitters, stresses and unforeseen circumstances that inevitably comes with planning our big day.

Though all of the above is good and dandy, we must not be mistaken into thinking that the stress that comes with wedding planning affects only the bride and the bride herself. In fact, bridesmaids can also turn into a control-freak monster that dominate the whole wedding planning process. We can absolutely understand how crazy it must be to have so much on your plate already and bridesmaids who decide to add just a bit more to it. So, how to best handle bridesmaids who have become dominating and difficult to work with? Here are a few things that you can do to help you manage:

1. Have courage to speak your mind

Helping you plan your wedding may bring up issues in your bridesmaid that neither you nor her is aware of. So, when your bridesmaid becomes too overwhelming for you, speak to her about it right then and there. Nip the problem in the bud before they foster into an even bigger mess.

2. Have a heart to heart talk

You chose your bridesmaids for a reason – you know them and you trust them. Ask them how they are doing and how they are feeling lately. By allowing them the chance to open up to you and communicate, they will more likely feel heard and the both of you could come to a compromise to move forward.

3. Be considerate

Remember that although your bridesmaids would love to fulfill your every wish and say yes to anything you request, some bridesmaids may just have a bit of a lower budget than you do. To avoid any drama when it comes to the finances, it may be wise to try to consider the costs and be fair with what they can afford.

4. Be kind

Though we can very stressed out with the details of the wedding and need our bridesmaids to help us delegate some tasks. Remember to try not to be too demanding with the requests we make. Bridesmaids are not really our maids after all, right?

As much as it can get annoying having to take care of bridemaids-zilla moments, sometimes all they may need is a bit of acknowledgement for the help they give. One of the golden rules of bridesmaids management is to make sure to thank them openly and often throughout the process. So, be generous with your thanks and see them cooperating even more.

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