12 Ide Suvenir Pernikahan yang Unik dan Lezat

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Selain menjadi hadiah cantik bagi para tamu, suvenir pernikahan Anda akan menjadi sebuah pengingat akan hari bahagia Anda. Barang-barang seperti peralatan dapur atau alat tulis selama ini dipandang sebagai suvenir yang tepat. Namun hari-hari ini, makanan kecil dan manis sudah mulai menggeser suvenir barang pada umumnya. Bagaimana dengan memberikan suvenir yang dapat dimakan bagi para tamu-tamu Anda? Tentunya akan meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam dan hari bahagia Anda menjadi tak terlupakan.

Simak slideshow di bawah ini untuk ide suvenir cantik dan lezat yang akan menggugah selera tamu-tamu Anda!

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography - Michele Beckwith Photography


    Those with sweet tooth will find pleasure in this indulgence. Not sure what kind of confectionery your guests will love? Then serve a bunch of them with some empty paper bags on the side, so they can pick their favorite themselves.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    When it comes to flour-based confections, the options are limitless. You can choose to serve cute desserts like cupcakes or macaroon for an elegant wedding. Or if it’s more to the rustic side, mini fruit pies will do the trick

  • Photography: Via Evermine - Elisabeth Milay Photography


    Nothing brings back childhood memories quite like a homemade dessert. A pack of DIY brownie mix or s’mores are easy to make and affordable too! If you’re holding a big scale wedding, however, we don’t recommend using this idea since It will be quite a hassle to prepare the entire ingredients.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    Are you planning to hold an outdoor reception under the sun? Whether it’s an alcoholic or non-alcoholic mix, consider serving your guest a drinkable favor so they can combat the summer heat right away.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    Whatever your wedding theme is, you can’t go wrong with a homemade delicacy. Prop various flavors of jam so your guests can pick one according to their liking. They will last a little bit longer in your guests’ kitchen too!

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    This could be one of the healthiest and most thoughtful edible favor ideas. Furthermore, it is also suitable for a ballroom affair or even a casual outdoor wedding. Cover the lid with a fabric scrap or burlap to match your rustic or country-side wedding style. Alternatively, you can put the jars in a clear container or string bag to prep it for more elegant weddings.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    An assortment of nuts to bring home after the wedding? Yes, please! Put mixed nuts in separate bags or prepare different kinds of nuts and a cute paper bag so your guests can help themselves. These little treats will be a wonderful companion as your guests relax with their families at home.

  • Photography: Michele Beckwith Photography


    Not only is it healthy, olive oil can now be used for a lot of things in the kitchen, including cooking and baking. We certainly think that this favor is one your guests will appreciate. Pick a non-leak container so it will not be slippery with oil when your guests hold it and don’t forget to put a personalized tag to remind them of your special day.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    If you never had a chance to share your own barbecue sauce recipe that’s been complimented before, then there is no other perfect time than your wedding day. This favor would be especially perfect if you’re serving live barbecue or a mean steak on the menu.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    Still on the condiments section, a feisty hot sauce is next on our list. After all, who can resist a spicy temptation on their food? Don’t forget to put on a punny label or tag to make the gifts uniquely your own.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    Flavored spices are a great way to level up your regular seasonings. Simply choose two or three herbs and combine them to your salt to infuse the flavors. You can do this with sugar too! Vanilla or lilacs are great alternatives to add a beautiful flavor for your sugar.

  • Photography: Lisa Rigby Photography, Michele Beckwith Photography


    A blend of your own favorite coffee or tea that’s labeled in your own initials or wedding tagline will undoubtedly make their day. We think creating a personalized blend is definitely a more advanced way to insert your personality to wedding favors, do you agree?


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