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10 Awesome Venues to Throw a Rustic Wedding


In the midst of the rustic wedding trend, finding a perfect wedding venue might be one tricky agenda. Rustic weddings don't always require a grand ballroom or majestic architectural setting as the theme focuses on accentuating the true beauty of nature; like the use of twigs and earthy color palette, so the more natural it looks, the better it'll be. Don't worry, we'll help shortlist your venue options. When you see one that makes your heart beats faster, perhaps it's the place you should choose for your wedding celebration.

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Photography: Khayangan Estate

Khayangan Estate, Bali

This is one of the villas with best view. Located on a high cliff top above a white sandy beach, Khayangan Estate is truly a heavenly wedding venue for rustic weddings. The place is perfect for an intimate party as they limit the number of guests to no more than 150.

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Photography: Bulgari Resort & Residences, Bali

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Photography: Taman Bhagawan

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Photography: Padma Hotel Bandung

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Photography: Gedung Arsip Nasional

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Photography: Hotel InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza

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Photography: The 3 House

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Photography: United Grand Hall

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Photography: Ciputra Golf, Club & Hotel

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Photography: Hotel Majapahit

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