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A Romantic Rustic Destination Wedding In Bali

Diperbarui pada 22 Maret 2020, Canggu

A Romantic Rustic Destination Wedding In Bali Timeless romantic elegance was given a rustic twist at Lisi and Hayden’s intimate destination wedding - their one lifetime moment at Villa Arika began with a beautiful ceremony and ended with a cozy reception. They also found time to cuddle up for some stunning newlywed photos with Diktat photography at the Pererenan beach. Every detail, from the decor to the modern, monochromatic bridal party attire, was thoughtfully curated by the bride herself and made you feel as if you’d stepped into a Home and Garden photoshoot! “We’ve met through a mutual friend at a local pub - oh that makes me always sing ’We found love in a hopeless place’”! Lisi’s recollection of her first encounter with Hayden was that “we danced until the early hours before we spent four more hours in the car at Hayden’s home, and the rest is history.” When asked how did they know if each other was ‘the one’, Hayden recalled that he was in Europe when his grandfather passed away and Lisi brought a bouquet of flowers to his mum even though they’d only met a couple of weeks earlier. “Well, it was too early to say she’s the one, but at that point, I knew she was special to me,” added Hayden. And from the bride side, “He makes me laugh so much and that is always something I treasure. There would have been many moments that I looked at him while in a fit of laughter and thought to myself, ‘Yes, Lisi, that’s the man who you want to spend the rest of your life with.” Lisi and Hayden tied the knot under a floral adorned arbour and celebrated with their closest families and friends under strings of lights and the stars. We can go on and on about this beautiful and intimate wedding celebration - but how about you see for yourself in the photo gallery below…..perhaps you’ll even find some for some inspiration for your own wedding! One last word from the newlyweds to any brides-to-be: “Finding a wedding planner who is tune with you and can help to visualize your dream wedding is a big thing, especially when you’re a control freak like me! I found Avavi Bali through an online search and I knew I was in the right hands right away by their attentiveness and fast response time, so I didn’t feel like it was a burden to organize our wedding from Australia.”

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