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Nicole & Daniel Wedding at Menara Imperium
oleh AKSA Creative

Diperbarui pada 04 Maret 2020, Jakarta

Nicole & Daniel Wedding at Menara Imperium Jakarta Indonesia Nicole & Daniel met on 2014, they were in the same company at that time Daniel was on work assignment from Australia to Jakarta. it was not love at the first sight, but they quickly bonded over the Tv Series Dr Who. yes bonded over that Tv Series! but who knows, that tv series was the one brought them together! they had several date and felt the chemistry. their wedding was one of the most intimate wedding, with only friends and families attending their wedding, the warmth quickly spread through every single guests that night. with Nicole's goofy character and Daniel's warm welcome, it was a perfect night. AKSA Creative Wedding Photography & Cinematic Film Jalan Bhakti No 10 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12180 Mail : Bridestory : AKSA Creative Phone : 081293623730 Instagram : @aksa.creative Youtube : AKSA Creative ID Facebook : AKSA Creative ID

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