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Pink Spinel Bespoke Engagement Ring
by Heritage Gems Singapore

Updated on 21 November 2017, Singapore

2016 is definitely a year for the Spinels as it makes its mark to be added to the list of birthstones. Newly minted as the August birthstone by the Jewelers of America and American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), Spinels have always and will continue to capture the hearts of many. With such a variety of colours available and most Spinels generally being rather eye-clean, having good lustre and ranking 8 on the MOHs scale, they make for fantastic jewellery. Just for reference, Sapphires rank 9 and diamonds rank 10 on the MOHs scale. We love working with Spinels and featured below is a pink Spinel engagement ring that one can hardly say no to. Set in beautiful champagne pink gold, this ring is definitely a charmer. Unique choice of gold colour which makes it special as a promise ring. More beautiful than a Pink Sapphire, this bespoke spinel engagement ring is truly magical in its own right. Most spinels are unheat, which makes them all the more to love! A piece by Heritage Gems: Always classy, forever timeless.

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