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Wedding Horoscope Curator
by Enviable Events

Updated on 24 November 2021, Athens (Attiki)

When couples decide to get married they believe that the magnificence & charm of a memorable wedding ceremony is the most precious and important part for this day; This is why they invest a great deal of their energy (sentimental & financial) in planning their wedding. ​ A well designed wedding ceremony and party are indeed special for the couple, there is though something far more important and vital... Choosing the wedding date for this new life together wisely is the focal point for a harmonious wedding; because this new life together, just like a new-born baby, has its very own horoscope and therefore its very own character, personality, traits and foretelling events. ​ We are the only wedding horoscope curators worldwide that can guide and help all couples to follow the three basic steps for their special first day in life together; ​ Step 1: Choose the most auspicious wedding date. ​ Step 2: Define the correct colours and therapeutic crystals on this day as part of your wedding planning essentials. ​ Step 3: Give this little touch of uniqueness to your wedding date. ​ For your wedding, our team of experts, will plan and design for you a "magic day" by combining the ethereal harmony of planets, positive colours, crystals and sounds, creating vibrations for the most beautiful melody of your life; the melody of your very own happiness!! ​We will work directly with you for Step 1&3 and with you or your event planner for step 2 and request the stars and planets to play their amazing music on your very special day. ​ Let us take you to an amazing journey of grace & joy. ​The joy of your wedding celestial harmony; Step by Step Guide ​​The couple sends us their exact : date (day/month/year) - time (if available) and - city/country of birth We need the details for each one of you separately, because we read each person's chart individually.​ We need from the couple to give us some preferred wedding dates (with a flexibility of 2-3 weeks forward or backwards) ​Our experts team will read 5 different charts of each of you and we will come back with the most auspicious day recommendations for your wedding day. ​We will guide you or your wedding planner on the favourable colours, crystals, scents (scented candles and/or incenses) that will add the last details on the precious canvas that both of you as a couple painted together;

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