Two Couple's Traditional Market Inspired Wedding Festivities in Yogyakarta

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One and a half year was not a short time for Alex and Hana in preparing their wedding which would be divided into three different events at three cities. "It was a strenuous process for me," as the bride confessed. The holy matrimony was held in Melbourne, Australia, which was attended by their closest families and best friends. On the next week, they flew to Bali to celebrate their marriage with friends from all around the world. After that, Alex and Hana picked a traditional Javanese wedding as the ending of their celebration series.

Even though their weeks were filled with traveling schedules, they have made a detailed planning, especially for the event in Yogyakarta. "Since the beginning, we wanted a casual party where everyone can enjoy each moment," said them. "We don't want to be the center of the attention the whole show, but we wished the guests can feel the happiness we share."

An outdoor Pasar-Senggol-themed celebration with a traditional Joglo house in the background sounded perfect for them. Pasar Senggol is an annual local traditional market in Yogyakarta. A Central Javanese wedding ceremony with its all costumed attributes has indeed become a dream to Hana. "I was really happy to see all of my friends, especially the foreigners, were committed to wear Javanese attires," as she expressed.

The decision to have Omah Pakem as the venue was also based on an important reason. Hana had once celebrated her 17th birthday here, and at the same time her first-staged relationship with Alex began. Then, the venue was also a place where they have their engagement ceremony. Nine years after her 17th birthday party, she wedded Alex at the same place.

Apart from that, the scenery of Merapi Mountain that Omah Pakem offers was also something they couldn't deny. Located in the north part of Yogyakarta, the venue is a perfect place for an outdoor celebration. The couple also had their siraman ritual at this place. Alex's siraman was held at the private villa, while Hana's was done at the rice fields area where the majestic Merapi Mountain was clearly visible.

At dawn, 5 pm to be exact, the panggih procession was being held. It is the most important ritual in Javanese wedding where the groom and the bride met after they have institutionalised their marriage. The procession was the closure of the whole traditional ceremony at that day, and it also became a bridge to the much-anticipated party which was full in local richness.

Adorned with traditional Javanese dodot attire, Alex and Hana paraded into the reception area which have been decorated as if it was a Yogyakarta's Sekaten celebration. Various local snacks displayed in traditional carts and stalls quickly caught guests' attentions and appetite. Around 1,000 invitees were welcomed to either enjoy the food on a communal setting, or to relax in a picnic style. The traditional theme which were balanced with modern details gave a fresh and romantic feel through a combination of wooden carvings, batik fabrics, flowers in pastel colors and white decorative accessories.

Having the King of Yogyakarta at their wedding surely made the event felt special. In addition, there were small yet meaningful surprises that have made unforgettable moments to the event, such as the appearance of Alex's grandfather who sang and danced, as well as friends of Hana's flash mob which was apparently organized by her mother.


  • Venue: OMAH PAKEM
  •  | 
  • Photography: Violet Eyes Photography
  •  | 
  • Dress & Attire: Nakula Sadhewa Wedding | Siti Sundari Solo |


  •  | 
  • Decoration & Lighting: Royal Kinanthi
  •  | 
  • Hair & Makeup: Nakula Sadhewa Wedding
  •  | 
  • Catering: Nanduto
  •  | 
  • Entertainment (Music): Endah Laras | Endah Laras
  •  | 
  • Videography: Kalvin Ananda |

    Kencana Art Photo & Videography

  •  | 
  • Invitations:

    Gracia The Invitation

  •  | 
  • Favors & Gifts:

    Signore Gift

  •  | 
  • Entertainment (MC): Wahyu Winarto | Brian Prasetyoadi | Tako Mintardja
  •  | 
  • Health & Beauty: Vita Luxe Nail Bali

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