The Traditionally Edgy Wedding of Kirana Larasati and Tama Gandjar

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Kirana Larasati, the beautiful Indonesian actress has just recently tied the knot to Tama Gandjar, in the romantic Bandung city. The two have been dating for almost a year, and since love has spoken, they decided to take the relationship to the altar. The two combined two traditional cultures in their nuptial, Sunda and Minang.

It was lovely to see how the lovebirds intently followed all procession leading to the altar, from the Sundanese siraman, ngaras, parebut bebetian, and the Minang tepung tawar as well as malam bainai. In all the processions, the couple looked inherently in love with each other, and thanks to their edgy taste, the wedding turned out beautiful as ever. Take a look at the wedding pictures right below, and you're sure to fall in love immediately.

Something from the photographer:

The couple tied the knot in Bandung with 2-days celebration at Villa Complex Trinity and Gedong Putih. The first day of the procession begins with 'Siraman' a part of traditional Sundanese wedding ceremony. It is a bathing ritual from the parents to the bride & groom-to-be in order to cleanse and purify the couple before the sacred day. Followed by a very touching gesture of the ceremony called 'Ngaras', which was the moment when Kirana & Gantama do 'Sungkem' and wash the feet of both parents while asking for their blessings.

After a series of Sundanese tradition, 'Tepung Tawar' is the part of Minang tradition to follow. Tepung Tawar is meant to prevent the couple from bad fortune. In other words, the ceremony is praying and hoping for the couple to invite good things in their life. The ceremony which is ended by reciting the praying is conducted merely among relatives. Using outdoor themed party, Kirana and Gantama's wedding ceremony took place in the Gedong Putih as planned. Under a beautiful sunset light, Kirana Larasati, wore 'Tengkuluk Talakuang', a scarf that covers the head of the bride in Padang traditional wedding procession. This is followed by a procession called 'Malam Bainai'. Long time ago, putting 'inai' on the bride's nail was not only to make their nails became ornately beautiful. It was also believed that those red fingernails would protect the bride from everyone who felt jealous at her.

The groom, dressed in traditional Sundanese outfit, prepared for the arrival of his bride at the table. The big moments of this entire celebration is when Gantama stated in clear of 'Ijab Qabul', the main and actual pillars of the marriage contract. They signify the mutual agreement and acceptance between the two parties to join in this marriage bond. Prayers, congratulations and various expression of happiness soon trickle over the bride and groom who just got married. Happiness and joy shouted trough out the peak of the reception.

Knowing the meanings behind beliefs has always been very important to me. Divine light that illuminated our hearts and gives life to each cell of our being, I give thanks for the love that has gathered us together in this place, and especially for the beautiful, heartwarming love that Kirana and Tama have chosen this day to consecrate in marriage. Wish you both the best in married life & may we'll cross path in future time.


  • Photography: THEUPPERMOST
  •  | 
  • Videography: THEUPPERMOTION
  •  | 
  • Wedding Planning: Ria Sirdjono
  •  | 
  • Decoration & Lighting: Shui Decor | Bepe Atelier | Doni PCP | Multi Event
  •  | 
  • Catering:

    Zulfa Catering

  •  | 
  • Favors & Gifts: Mira Sirdjono | Putty Noor
  •  | 
  • Bridal: Sanggar Puri Kanti
  •  | 
  • Dress & Attire: Yani Soemali |

    Merras Bride

  •  | 
  • Men's Formal Wear: Kwong Tung
  •  | 
  • Jewelry: Mira Sirdjono

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