Spending Holiday Seasons Alone? Why Not!

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Holiday seasons are coming. Last time it was Thanksgiving, and very, very soon it will be Christmas – and then New Year. If you are under Chinese heritage, it will soon to be Chinese New Year. The list will stop (and peak) at Valentine's Day. It should – and would always be – a festive.

'Unless that I am single and alone,' or so you thought.

According to a research, they found that 47.5% of people are dreading when it comes to spending holidays as single, especially around this time of the year when all the holidays require you to kiss someone special under mistletoe or at midnight. Well, we are not saying that every single person would be very miserable throughout the holidays, but as the research showed, almost half of the single proportions would find the holiday seasons tough – especially with all the nosy questions of 'Where's your boyfriend?' or 'When are you getting married?' – it feels almost like a fight for survival than a holiday.

But rather than locking yourself up while scrolling on Facebook feeds only to check on who is getting what kind of fun, there are several guidelines that would turn your 'fight for survival' into 'the real feast of festive'.

1.Dress up, dress up, and dress up!!

Don't wallow in your bed with your pajamas, feeling sorry for yourself. Let us say this again: don't! Instead, take a shower, blow dry your hair, do a little hair styling, put on your makeup, and dress up. Believe us, when you dress yourself up and you love what you see in the mirror, you would feel a lot better. That would be a lot better for the start-up. So, again, let yourself be pretty – even if you are just strolling around the corner and enjoy the festive.

2.Treat yourself.

You are your very own best friend. So, if you are feeling blue, treat yourself. Forget about that diet for just a moment, and make yourself feeling like the most important person that day. Do you crave for that ice cream? Go for it. Do you feel tired after working like a horse for months? Go get some spa and massage. Treat yourself for anything you want.

3.Call your family – and spend the rest of the day with them.

After feeling a lot better, call your family. Really. Even though they can get a little bit nosy with all of those questions, but they love you. If you haven't heard from them for months, this is the time to check up on your parents. If you have siblings, you should probably call them too – and ask them nosy questions.

4.Book the real holiday

It is not too late to book the real holiday. Take some time to search on which country that you have been eager to see, and GO! By yourself – why not? Spending holidays in other countries might give you exciting memories to keep, and more, it wouldn't feel the same. You would forget that you are spending it by yourself, because you are too busy exploring new ideas and places – and perhaps, meeting new people too.

If the thought of spending holidays alone dreaded you, we hope it wouldn't be that way anymore; because there is nothing wrong with being single, and being single doesn't mean that you should put your life on hold and wait passively for the right person to bring you happiness. So, again, happy holiday and enjoy the season, people!




  • Photography: Jemma Keech

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