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Singapore's Affordable Wedding Photographers Under $2,500


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Photography: A Merry Moment

Any minute in your wedding moment is precious and if it's not through pictures that you can cherish forever, how else would you relive those memories? Every newlywed would definitely want to have something to look back upon their wedding day, but knowing the list of vendors that is suitable for their own budget and preference is another matter. Therefore, we want to help you simplify the vendor hunting process by recommending these Singapore-based wedding photographers whose packages are under S$ 2,500. Scroll right away to find out the one that speaks for yourself!

1. GrizzyPix Photography


Founded in 2012 by Grismond Tien who began his photography journey by photographing many of his friends' weddings. GrizzyPix Photography is passionate about capturing fairy tale-like photographs. Couples who love to have their candid expressions documented or looking for a photographer with contemporary and journalism style, should consider having him as a part of their wedding day.

Price starts from $500 for 2 hours to $2,000 for 8 hours.

2. Senica Photos


Senica Photos are adventure seekers and they love to add a tinge of spice into their works. Aside from crafting every love story through enthralling images that moves people, the team strives to deliver quality bespoke photography services for their clients.

Price starts from $1,400 for 8 hours.

3. Alan Ng Photography


As a wedding photographer specialist, Alan Ng truly captures the essence of treasured memories. "Photography ignited a spark into my life and enhanced my awareness on the beautiful sights of the world, and that is also why I love to document the meaningful moments in life," said Alan who has established his wedding photography business since 2016.

Price starts from $1,500 for 10 hours.

4. Knotties Frame


Knotties Frame has been known for their creative night photography style, where they combine various light painting tools to brighten up the image. According to them, photography is more than just capturing moments in life, it brings people closer and forges a stronger bond through physical imprints of memories.

Price starts from $1,500 for 8 hours.

5. A Merry Moment


Founded by a real couple, A Merry Moment believes in capturing all the merry moments as they take place. The couple team prides themselves in creating images that are romantic, fun, and emotional all at the same time.

Price starts from $1,600.

6. Natalie Wong Photography


Documenting stories of love has always been Natalie's passion since her childhood. "When capturing precious moments, unique personalities, and love stories inspire me to translate them into timeless memories. For your special day, I hope to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible," explained the photographer.

Price starts from $1,800.

7. Edmund Leong Motion & Stills


With works that has been recognized by Wedding Photojournalist Association, it' safe to have Edmund Leong documented one of the most important times of your life. Are you looking for a wedding photographer who specializes in conceptual, portraiture, and artistic style? Then, go over Edmund's profile to find out more about him and his work!

Price starts from $2,000 for 8 hours.

8. French Toast Productions


French Toast Productions are a collective of creators, endeavoring to document the charm in staple everyday moments and memories. The team aims to channel them into unique, heart-rendering, and exciting works to be cherished for the years to come. "It is more than just about taking nice photos that are in-trend. It is about understanding people relations, their family, culture, and building friendships; all these can't be bought," said the founder, Shawn Zack. Don't hesitate to check their profile and see more romantic gestures that are caught on camera like this!

Price starts from $2,200 for 8 hours.

9. Hong Ray Photography


Founder of Hong Ray Photography, Lee Hong Rui, believes that wedding photography should be focused on capturing natural, genuine emotions. "I want my couples to remember something meaningful in their photos after 10 or even 20 years," explained Lee. To achieve that, he ensures that every photo session is entirely comfortable and stress-free. So if you're one of those couples who want to treasure the wedding day as it is, Hong Ray Photography is there for you.

Price starts from $2,400 for 8 hours.

10. Kanvela


Wedding photography is a work of art, according to Kanvela. Every moment captured by them would be the couple's joyous, genuine smile, and that sparkle of love in their eyes. They would ensure there wouldn't be any stiff and rigid poses on your wedding album.

Price starts from $2,400 for 8 hours of wedding luncheon.

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