Picture-Perfect Photography by The Wagyu Story

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When you hear about their name, the first thing that will pop up in your mind should be a delicious slab of steak, grilled to perfection. But no, we're not talking about that scrumptious delicacy, and this particular wagyu is in a completely different field. The Wagyu Story is a team of professional photographers that was founded in April 2010 and chose Bandung and Singapore as their home bases. "Wagyu" here actually stands for "What A Goofy Youthful Unison", which represents the photographers' fun personality. Isn't it interesting?

Formerly hobbyists, these talented photographers have decided to turn their passion into a career to gain an even deeper sense of accomplishments. "Photography is our lives and we love to capture priceless expressions from couples, and when they appreciate what we do, that surely makes our days," they said. The Wagyu Story's signature style—fine, romantic, and natural—is always embodied in each photographer's mind. In every frame, the team will try to create the finest art by transmitting the romantic feeling of your expressions and emotions into each photograph that will be your valuable treasures in the future. "We do not give results that are 'too much', but as long as we can, we will give the best results that will show people about their personalities, their love journey through stormy life, and their passion about loving each other." As expected, the results are always stunning and never disappointing their clients.

For The Wagyu Story, a good wedding photographer has to not only understand technical matters, but also has an artistic eye and a great personality too. Based on their experiences, personality is something often overlooked by couples. "These days, couples tend to be very price-oriented. Price is important, but the chemistry between the couple and the photographer is what they should consider the most." After the chemistry is bonded, the next thing to do is to make sure that their style and quality are aligned with your expectations. After these matters are sorted out, price is then open for discussion. The Wagyu Story considers a personal meeting with their clients as a crucial thing, as they believe that each client deserves extra care and attention. The chemistry that has been established earlier is also the key to capture a great photo. Once you have bonded a good chemistry, you will be able to feel comfortable around them and show your true expressions of love and intimacy as a couple, who owned the world.

This genuine display of emotions ensures that the team can capture moments worth remembering for a lifetime. Are you afraid of being awkward throughout the session? Or do you guys feel that you are not photogenic enough? Just relax, take your breath and stay calm. You don't need to worry about those matters anymore. The Wagyu Story will be ready to give simple directions that will help you shine brighter, capturing candid moments along the way, and help you express your passion about loving each other. So, all you need to do is put your trust in them. And also, as much as they prefer natural light, they are ready to prepare their own lighting whenever the situation calls for it. This way, The Wagyu Story can shoot candid moments triggered by your honest feelings and emotions in any kind of situations. Aside from technical matters, another challenge for The Wagyu Story is when a couple hires more than one photographer to cover their wedding. "We have only that much space and it's challenging to not be in each other's frames." Like many other rising photographers, they've also been asked by couples to imitate other photographers' works instead of use their own personal style.

The Wagyu Story team is no stranger to the recent comeback of analog photography, as they have started a new service using film this year. Being classy doesn't mean old, does it? After the shoot is done, the team will create a handcrafted, fully-personalized photo album to keep all your memories in one tidy place. They can incorporate your wedding vows and love songs, and every detail will be designed based on your personal style and wedding theme. If you decide to choose The Wagyu Story as your wedding photographer, here's a tip they shared on how to look good on your wedding photos, "Don't worry, be happy, and enjoy every moment of your most special day. Just let us give you one less thing to worry about."


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