One Couple's Romantic and Adventurous Elopement in Bali

by Clementine Nathasia Saputan Nov 27, 2017 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


Alexander and Elena met 10 years ago on the internet. Both of them then moved to live in another country together not long after however for Elena, the idea of marriage was the last thing on her mind. Everything changed though, when Alexander invited her on a trip to a museum during which Elena spotted a photo of herself hanging on its walls. As I was trying to gather my thoughts on how it was possible that my pictures were hanging on the museum, Alexander was already on one knee. He was holding a box and my immediate thought was that this was part of an exhibition or a prank!" Elena reminisced. "Visitors of the museum were approaching and so I snarled at him to get up and stop fooling around as it was not funny. Turns out, there was a ring inside the box and Alexander really was trying to propose to me," Elena shared further.

For Alexander and Elena, nothing in a wedding is more important than the person standing beside you at the altar as you say your vows. Which is why they decided to have a wedding with nobody to celebrate with but each other. Under a beautiful dusty pink arch wrapped with blush and white roses with matching boutonnières and bouquets, Alexander and Elena said their 'I do's. Showered with pink petals after they were announced husband and wife, it seemed clear that neither of them regretted the decision of having a wedding all for themselves.

Making use of every time they have in Bali, the couple then had a separate photo session with Maria Shiriaeva, the photographer, after becoming man and wife. Unlike the romantic session they had after the wedding, this one has a more adventurous vibe especially with Bali's exotic landmarks. Even so, we think these two sessions had one thing in common, that the couple's love and chemistry is the main focus of each frame.

Take another look at the beautiful pictures to see how their elopement turned out to be amazingly romantic and intimate, and read on as the bride shares how they manage to execute it!

From the blushing Bride:

After discussing the options, Alexander and I decided to get married with only the two of us and no guests in romantic Bali. As we feared though, I sent requests to more than 20 hotels, but none of them are interested in organizing a celebration for only two, no matter how much we were willing to pay.

I don't remember exactly how, but by quite a chance I came across the profile of a Russian wedding organizer based in Bali called BaliMoon. When we called, one of their organizers, Alice, answered and she immediately made several suggestions on the concept of the ceremony. Alexander, Alice, and I talked it out and decided to have it by a deserted beach because we wanted to be wed on a secluded location and have us say our vows under a simplified arch.

The planning of the wedding took us 3 months. Alice took care most of the organizing but I still incorporate my ideas into the wedding. We also chose a stylist and a photographer from BaliMoon's recommendation but somehow the photographer was unable to take our pictures due to personal reasons. Alice then gave us the contact to Maria Shiriaeva, a wonderful Bali-based photographer who took the pictures of our wedding beautifully. We were skeptical due to the sudden availability but the results were all well worth it. Two hours of continuous happiness, hugs, and kisses against a romantic view only added more joy to the best day of my life.


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