One Couple’s Casual and Romantic Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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Yuanyi and Kent may have planned for a bright scenic pre-wedding photo shoot with Journey Record, but nature spoke otherwise. The morning of the shoot, it started raining. Thankfully the rain stopped right when they were about to start, but the sun was yet to be seen. Mother nature did not provide them with any sunlight that morning, but she gave them mist instead. Turns out, the mist provided all their pictures with a touch of surreal and fantasy that usually don't occur on a normal sunny day!

They took the pictures in Coney Island Park in Singapore which had beautiful forest and lake that provided a serene location for their photos. In a white embroidered dress, Yuanyi looked graceful against the beautiful backdrop. Her bouquet is a burst of bright red and blush flowers that pops right out the white and green setting. Kent also put on a classic-looking black suit to balance his partner's elegant look.

The mist added such a wistful and longing feeling that made this pre-wedding photo shoot even more romantic. As if adding more beauty to it, Yuanyi and Kent looked so in love in every frame. They seemed relaxed and just want to show the world how much they enjoy each other's presence. We love the overall of this photo shoot and how dreamlike it looked, how about you? Tell us what you think about the photo shoot in the comment box below!


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