DIY Wedding Makeup, Why Not?

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We're sure you want to look your best on your special day. You might even want to look different, like a more glamorous version of your everyday self. If you're a makeup addict yourself, why not try to do your own makeup for your wedding? It might sound a little intimidating, but don't worry, you understand your own features best.

DIY wedding makeup can be an unexpected saving post that helps you cut down your budget by not hiring a professional makeup artist. It might sound crazy, but it's actually nothing new. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun! Don't believe us? Let us remind you of a very famous bride whose wedding was viewed all over the world. That's right, the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge did her own makeup on the royal wedding, and we're sure she didn't do it to cut costs. A lot of beauty vloggers have also shared their "wedding makeup tutorials" they did by themselves on their wedding days.

Now, if you're interested in the idea of doing your own wedding makeup, you've most likely already mastered the basic skincare and makeup principles, and just need a little oomph here and there to take them to a new level. Maybe you even have quite a good collection of makeup that suits your skin and personality. Practice makes perfect, so start playing around with your makeup tools and products. Do it at night before you wash your face and go to bed.

Don't be nervous! Here are some steps to guide you in achieving foolproof DIY wedding makeup:

Wear a face primer

This is key to make sure that your foundation last longer, whether you're having your wedding indoors or outdoors. There are many different types of face primers that you can choose for your skin type and specific skin problems. Today's face primers don't merely provide a smooth canvas or better longevity to your base makeup, some even have additional benefits like reducing redness, evening out your skin tone, or even giving a brightening effect.

Plus, don't forget a separate eye primer. This is important to make sure that your eyeshadow, no matter how light or deep the color is, will stay creaseless throughout the day. To prime your lids, you can also use a flesh-toned cream eyeshadow that will help your eyeshadow stick better to your skin.

Glowy face is in

Lately, the beauty trend has shifted from matte complexion to a dewy, glowy face. We're not talking about oil-slick dewy, but a healthy glow that makes you look like you sleep for nine hours every night.

You can easily achieve this healthy glow effect by using these recommended dewy foundations for a subtle all-over glow, then use highlighter on strategic areas such as the bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, cheek bones, and cupid's bow. Don't want to spend extra money on a new highlighter? Use one of these highlighter substitutes instead.

Some things to remember: if you have fair or medium skin, you can go with a champagne-colored highlighter, but it might be too much for tan skin. If your skin is dark, choose a highlighter with golden shimmers. This will bring out the warmth of your skin and give a more natural glow compared to white or pale-colored shimmer pigments.

Choose a nude-themed makeup

Neutral colors are perfect for wedding makeup. They will enhance your beauty without making you look unrecognizable. You can follow this soft nude makeup tutorial and tweak it to suit you even more. For example, a little bronzer on the cheeks if you have a tan skin, and a little more pink for the lips and cheeks if you have strong pink undertones.

If nude lipstick isn't your go-to color, choose a my-lips-but better (MLBB) color; something similar to your natural lip color but with some extra depth that will give a plumping effect to your lips. Or maybe, if you're used to bold colors , opt for a classic, blue-toned red lipstick for some drama. If you go for the latter, don't forget to keep the rest of your makeup as neutral as possible.

Practice your falsies skills

No wedding makeup is complete without a good pair of false eyelashes. Falsies can transform a basic, minimal look into a tastefully dramatic one. Falsies also have the power to make your eyes pop, making them appear more expressive, which is important on your wedding day since you're going to meet tons of people and make lots of eye contact.

Remember, choosing the wrong falsies can sabotage your look. Don't go for something super thick and long, especially if you have small eyes. This will hide your eyes, which is completely the opposite of what you want to achieve. A safe option is using individual falsies, so you can customize the intensity of your lashes by only putting on a few small pieces. You can even use one individual false eyelash on the outer part of your lash line to create a feline effect.

If you're still not sure on how to put on falsies, check out this easy guide to apply falsies for beginner. Top them off with your favorite waterproof mascara to make sure you have the perfect wink.

DIY wedding hairdo

If you want, you can even practice doing your own hair! If you've already invested in a good stylist for your current hairstyle, a loose wave is easy to do. You might not need any assistance to complete a romantic wave for your wedding, just use a curling iron and some styling products.

An updo is classic, timeless, and ultra feminine. Remember, you can also rock this style even if you have short hair. Try out this pretty updo look for short hair, which only requires some bobby pins and elastic bands. Add a hair accessory of your choice for a personal touch; it could be a bejeweled hair piece, a flower, or even a unique hair band.

Now that you know what you need and all the steps to prepare your DIY wedding makeup, it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea after all, does it?

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