2019 Chinese Horoscope Forecast on Love, Health, and Lifestyle

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Every Chinese New Year is always represented by one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. In 2019, we will be welcoming the Year of the Earth Pig. You might be wondering what this Pig Year has in store for you and your loved ones because the animal that signifies your birth year said to be shaping your personality, fortune, and destiny. With the help from Grand Master Hillary Phang of New Trend Lifestyle (NTL), we are going to list down the horoscope forecast from the love, health, and lifestyle aspect for each zodiac. Click on the slide to find yours, and we hope this new year brings you prosperity and good fortune!

  • Rat

    In overall, 2019 will be full of adventures, opportunities, and positive changes for individuals born in the year of the Rat. You will find yourself feeling powerful and filled with the drive to finish all your tasks. But to help you excel and overcome the obstacles in this year, you would need patience and flexibility. This is also a good year for you to start a business, not only one that is your passion but also ones that will be beneficial for you. You will see that wealth comes from numerous sources. Therefore a diversification of small investments in various sectors is highly recommended. On the other hand, this is not your healthiest year, you would most likely face problems with your stomach, and gastric, as well as breathing tract. So, exercise and eat healthy, well-balanced diet regularly! When it comes to romance, 2019 is a good year to find love or even tie the knot! As it is a year filled with joyous good news, married individuals can grow their family and move towards parenthood. While the singles are suggested to choose a partner wisely. Widen your social circle to meet potential partners and refrain from making rash and hast decision based on superficial qualities. Lucky number: 4637 Lucky colors: Blue, green, white Lucky directions: Northeast, Southeast

  • Ox

    After a year of turbulence, those born in the year of the Ox will see better luck in 2019. Blessed with creative ideas and opportunities, you will be able to showcase your capabilities at work. If you are starting a new business, build a trustworthy team. While working professionals need to avoid direct confrontation with their boss or colleagues. Without any main stars to help you in the wealth sector, you will find money coming and going easily. So, manage your finances carefully and avoid speculative investment. Watch out for your health as well. Those driving need to pay extra attention while on the road; refrain from using the mobile phone while driving or crossing the street. Tackle your sleep problems and stay well-rested to keep health problems at bay. On love, unwanted attention and wrong decisions will surround you in 2019. The married individuals need to prioritize on quality time with their family. To keep the sparks alive in your relationship, you are recommended to go on a family vacation in the second lunar month to boost family harmony. Singles will pine for love this year, but it will not be fruitful. Meanwhile, the ones in a relationship should work towards giving each other more space and trust to tide through this year. Lucky number: 0768 Lucky colors: Purple, maroon, pink Lucky directions: Northwest, North

  • Tiger

    2019 is a good year for you, Tigers! Career-wise, you will gain authority and helps to advance in your career. Work hard, and the well-deserved promotion is yours, but steer clear from romantic relationships with the opposite gender at work as gossips will inconvenience you. Also, avoid partnerships and refrain from being on loggerheads with people of the Dragon zodiac. There will be occurrences of wealth loss. Specifically, don’t easily neglect your personal belongings while traveling overseas. Don’t spread yourself too thin and take better care of your eyes. Refrain from facing the computer or mobile screen for long periods of time. Good health is not just about healthy eating and regular exercise sessions, go on frequent short vacation and develop a positive outlook in life to help you live a happier life. It is important to find joy in your life and do more charitable acts in 2019! Moving on to the love topic, the relationship between couples will be tense due to work stress. Effective communication and mutual respect will help to ease the tension. Singles and dating individuals will tend to seek unrealistic romance. Don’t go into marriage or new relationship hastily because being with the right person can bring happiness and emotional support. Lucky number: 0358 Lucky colors: White, yellow, orange, beige Lucky directions: West, North

  • Rabbit

    2019 will be a busy and fulfilling year for individuals born in the year of Rabbit! The thirst for change and breakthroughs will surely propel you to success. While it is tough in the beginning, there will be substantial rewards waiting for you. This year, steer clear from gossip, negativity, and avoid giving up without trying; work on your perseverance to ace 2019! Your career and investments will bring in substantial rewards. Older ladies will be your benefactors, and you will be able to grow and shine under these ladies’ help. Be vigilant of thieves around you! Take extra care while being on vacation or in crowded places as wealth loss may occur in the third, sixth, seventh and tenth lunar months. In 2019, take time to nurture your romantic relationship. Avoid harsh criticism on your partner and work on existing communication issues to ensure harmony at home. Focus on why you fell in love with them and work on building trust for each other. Those dating will also need to stop waging wars and have faith in your relationship. Health-wise, being under pressure will affect your sleep quality, making you emotional. So, maintain a healthy lifestyle, cut down on fried food, coffee, and beer, and increase dietary fiber intake to reduce gastric and intestines problems. Lucky number: 6781 Lucky Colors: Pink, brown, khaki Lucky Directions: East, South

  • Dragon

    With an auspicious star shining, changes happening around you are mostly good, opportunities will come knocking on your door, and ladies will be your career benefactors. Male dragons will need to communicate well with their wife and daughter as she will bring you excellent work fortune. If there are opportunities for an overseas business trip or work abroad, it will bring you greater wealth. There will be plenty of chances to increase your wealth through social gatherings. While your wealth will grow, it is difficult for you to retain the money. Hence, refrain from splurging especially on alcohol and gambling. Contrasting to the outstanding career-luck, there’s a dim outlook on your romance. 2019 is not a good year for marriage, so singles need to be patient for a chance to meet their potential partner. Couples will tend to quarrel due to lack of communication, dragon ladies will also be more quick-tempered and unknowingly give immense pressure to their other half. Remember to rein in your temper. Taking a family portrait is also recommended to unify the family’s harmony. This year, your health also takes a hit. The first, third, sixth, seventh and tenth lunar months are months where you need to take extra care of your health condition. Lucky number: 0810 Lucky Colors: Gray, brown, grayish-black Lucky Directions: Southwest, Northeast

  • Snake

    2019 will be a rocky year for Snake individuals as they will find themselves short-tempered. Although you might feel isolated, helpless, and trapped due to the lack of benefactors at work, you need to stay resilient, acknowledge your difficult situation, make a plan, and act. The good news is, it will be a prosperous year for ladies, as you get an improved fortune in career, wealth and opportunities. Wealth luck is also rocky, and all investments should be handled with care and caution. Refrain from lending money, even to relatives and close friends. If your pay comes in irregularly, your wealth luck will also fluctuate throughout the year. On romance, couples tend to drift apart due to lack of communication, work reasons, or being apart for long periods. It is recommended that couples take a vacation together to reignite romance. Single snakes need to put down old thoughts, and past loves to be able to meet potential partners. Don’t be too stubborn, and lower down your walls to attract suitable partners. Due to mood fluctuation, it is easy for you to feel frustrated and be plagued with negative thinking, leading to insomnia. Pay extra attention to health problems related to blood pressure and be cautious while driving on the road. Lucky number: 0921 Lucky Colors: Green, purple, violet Lucky Directions: Southeast, Southwest, Northeast

  • Horse

    A fantastic year ahead for those born in the year of the Horse! Be proactive, and you will be blessed with a smooth-sailing career. You will also be presented with opportunities to make money on top of your regular income. So, as long as you put in enough efforts, you will be rightfully rewarded. Financially, there will be high expenditure and wealth volatility. Make sure you guard your money well. There might be instances where you need to spend on your home renovation. Friends and relatives will also create frustrations for you by constantly asking you for loans. Make sure your house is brightly lit to bring positivity and enhance your overall fortune. In 2019, singles have good luck in finding potential partners, and dating individuals can consider marriage. Married individuals need to work on their relationships as there are a lot of unspoken frustrations despite a calm outlook. You will need to stay committed to the relationship and steer clear of temptations to stray. Be wary of breathing problems, particularly for smokers. Those with intestines, gastric, and liver’s problems need to pay extra attention to food hygiene when dining out. It is also recommended that you designate more time for aerobic exercise, relaxation, and non-work activities. Lucky number: 7788 Lucky Colors: Beige, yellow, pink Lucky Directions: East, Southeast, South

  • Goat

    People with Goat sign will have a mixed fortune in 2019; though they will be negatively affected by interpersonal problems, their hard work will still be rewarded at work. Avoid drastic movements and risky ventures. You will prosper if you work in industries such as design, properties, fashion, energy, and architecture. Markets with ladies as the target audience will also help you prosper as long as you refrain from going into contractual agreements with people of the Pig, Dragon and Rooster zodiac signs. This is a year where you reap what you sow, so wealth luck is stable, but you will have to work hard for it. Resist the temptation of fortune that is too good to be true. Think twice before helping family and friends who are borrowing money from you, also avoid high-risk investments. Health luck falters, but the problems can be alleviated with ample rest, healthy lifestyle, and good personal hygiene. For married individuals, you get to enjoy stable romance luck. Although for male individuals, your spouse will be busy with work and will emphasize her career. It will be beneficial for your relationship if you can support and encourage her. As for the singles, work on nurturing your relationship by being the giver. Lucky number: 7899 Lucky Colors: Baby-Blue, red, maroon Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast

  • Monkey

    There will be conflicts and hidden sabotages surrounding individuals born in the year of the Monkey. Luck fluctuates, and there will be a lot of changes happening. Male individuals will need to manage your expectations and desires as you tend to enjoy high-risk investments, while ladies will excel in industries such as entertainment and beauty. Wealth will be hard to grasp in 2019 for Monkey people. You will have lots of investment and partnership opportunities, but yet they are full of traps. On the other side, your enhanced ability to make money will go along with a higher tendency to spend carelessly. Emotions will be your biggest issue in 2019; stress from work will cause frustrations, leading to insomnia and a messed up your immune system. It is suggested that you avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals or funerals. Elders at home, especially your father, need to take care of his heart and eye. This year, you will have frequent quarrels with your spouse as you demand perfection from them, putting them under immense pressure. As for the singles who want to get married in 2019, an auspicious date needs to be set for a blissful marriage. The joyous occasion can also help turn your luck for the better! Lucky number: 9669 Lucky Colors: White, black, green, red Lucky Directions: South, North

  • Rooster

    Roosters, there will be a general improvement in your fortune. But you tend to overthink and be swayed by others’ opinions, thus limiting your personal progress. 2019 is a good year for you to grasp the opportunities to work away from home as they will be beneficial for your career. The first half of the year will be rocky, but if you persevere, things will start looking up in the latter half of the year. With an unstable wealth-luck, you should avoid going into investments and businesses hastily. If you want to have a career change, going into industries such as taxation, computer software development, logistics, tourism will be recommended. Due to work commitments, you will neglect your loved ones, and the lack of communication will cause misunderstandings. Try to be more understanding and patient. Singles need to be careful of love cheats, so be aware of the red flags in your relationship. On the brighter side, you will be able to find the right cure before illnesses worsen. However, you will need to rein in your temper and take care of breathing-related problems. Maintain good posture during work and daily life to minimize problems with blood circulation, which can lead to dizzy spells. Lucky number: 3193 Lucky Colors: Brown, beige, gray Lucky Directions: North, East

  • Dog

    Good fortune awaits individuals born in the year of the Dog! 2019 brings enhanced authority, career progression and personal growth. Let this year be about work; approach it slowly and steadily and resist the urge to rush into things. Work towards your goals as they can be fulfilled this year. Wealth luck improves tremendously as compared to 2018. As you will be able to manage your cash flow well this year, you can venture into stable investments such as bonds and funds. However, invest within your limits and go into each investment carefully. A worrying health forecast will cause pains in your limbs, dizziness and insomnia. Eat healthy and lightly-seasoned food to minimize these problems. Doing outdoor activities especially in the morning will give positive sun energy to boost your health and wellness. There will be plenty of romance advances and opportunities in the new year but choose wisely. If you’re looking for a future partner, do not rush into a relationship hastily. Take heed of advice from friends and family before entering a new relationship. Meanwhile, engaged or married couples will have quarrels due to mood swings and trivial matters. So, remember to work on strengthening your relationship and seek ways to grow closer to your loved one! Lucky number: 8218 Lucky Colors: Green, blue, black Lucky Directions: East, Northwest

  • Pig

    For individuals born in the year of the Pig, it is a year mixed with happiness and frustrations. While work seems fine on the surface, there are hidden problems underneath. Refrain from being too anxious to get things done as you might end up making more mistakes. Find your tribe and stick with them. It is a good year for you to go for re-training and skills upgrading courses. You should also steer clear of risky investments to avoid monetary loss and do not spend beyond your means. Wealth fortune can improve if there are joyous occasions, such as wedding or childbirth, at home. When talking about your health, it is essential to have regular body check-ups and keep a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise. Do not neglect the small illnesses as they have the potential to become something worrying. In the love area, dating individuals will find their relationships tested in 2019. Couples will drift apart and have frequent disagreements and arguments. Clearly-communicating what you want is the first step to actually getting it. Work on building trust and a good foundation for your relationship. If both parties are ready, you could consider getting married to turn things around. Lucky number: 5535 Lucky Colors: Navy, Light blue, silvery gray Lucky Directions: North, East

  • Special Thanks to NTL

    New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. Since 2012, it is the only Feng Shui organization in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange. Yuan Zhong Siu, their geomancy brand, provides professional Feng Shui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Date, Baby Naming Services and more. For more information, check out www.facebook.com/yzs.sg.

So, what does your Chinese zodiac tell you about your fortune in this Year of the Pig? Share us your thoughts on the comment section below!

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