18 Inspirations for Timeless & Artistic Traditional Wedding Stages

by Belle Biarezky Apr 06, 2020 | 15:00 in Wedding Ideas  


Check out the summary of our favorite traditional wedding stages with a contemporary touch. From Javanese, Sundanese, Sumatera, Sulawesi, to Nusantara, these extraordinary creations are perfect to be a reference if you plan to highlight your family's heritage at your special day.

  • Photography: Jalin Decor

    Timeless Arrangement

    Whatever tradition you will initiate at your wedding day, a stage adorned with hanging local fabrics is indeed a distinctive attention stealer. Decoration by Jalin Decor.

  • Photography: Dalang Indonesia

    A Thoughtful Composition

    This stage, which used gunungan as the focal point, symbolizes a life. The composition represents that all marriage lives are full of dynamics, but the goal is noble. Decoration by Dalang Indonesia.

  • Photography: Every Decoration

    Simply Magnificent

    The humble arrangement of this stage, which took a concept of Javanese village, proves a state-of-the-art simplicity. Decoration by Every Decoration.

  • Photography: Suryo Decor

    Palembang Pride

    The distinctiveness of this luxurious Palembang stage favors by those red and purple flower applications. The harvests as an additional decoration symbolize wealth. Decoration by Suryo Decor.

  • Photography: Every Decoration

    Batak Beauty

    Not only applying typical Batak colors and carvings, but this stage also adopted the majestic architecture of Batak traditional house's roof. Decoration by Every Decor.

  • Photography: Suryo Decor

    Buginese Splendor

    This stage took inspiration from Buginese woven fabric, which is well-known for its vibrant colors, and make it as a flawless and glamorous decoration masterpiece. Decoration by Suryo Decor.

  • Photography: Every Decoration

    Elegant Lampung

    The stage's golden carvings, along with pastel-colored blooms, offer a refined monochrome visual. Decoration by Every Decoration.

  • Photography: Suryo Decor

    Glamorous Minang

    A traditional wedding stage doesn't need to look "heavy" to obtain a luxurious feel. By adding a little bit of red and yellow accents on this Minang stage, for example, the glamorous aesthetic radiates. Decoration by Suryo Decor.

  • Photography: Suryo Decor

    Toraja's Magnet

    Every traditional wedding wishes for an extraordinary authentic decoration. For example, this Toraja wedding maintains the region's indigenous architecture with charming add-ons. Decoration by Suryo Decor.

  • Javanese Art Deco

    A touch of art deco with several traditional elements shows how incomparable this Javanese wedding stage. Decoration by Asmoro Decoration.

  • Photography: Memorize Photography

    A Living Heritage

    A Javanese wedding stage doesn't necessarily have to have gebyok. Take inspiration from this decorator who "borrow" the glorious Java Island's ancient temple to the stage. Decoration by Azka Anggun Art.

  • Photography: Owlsome Projects

    Pure Ethnic

    The domination of white flowers and a line of candles bring a sacred value, as well as a romantic feel to this Javanese wedding. Decoration by Ine Shui Decor.

  • Photography: Owlsome Projects

    Nostalgic Yogyakarta

    An image of vintage Yogyakarta is well-pictured by this Javanese wedding stage. Decoration by Airy.

  • Philosophical Throne

    The domination of pastel yellow following the janur decoration offers a warm mood to this stage. The gunungan from Javanese shadow puppet adds a philosophical value to the exchanging vows moment. Decoration by Airy.

  • Exotic Affair

    The eastern exoticism of traditional wedding perfectly matches with the stage decoration inspired by the richness of Moroccan style. Decoration by Tea Rose Wedding Designer.

  • Photography: Suryo Decor

    Garden of Romance

    A bold character of the color palette, along with the botanical atmosphere, indeed goes well with ethnic seatings of any cultural regions. Decoration by Suryo Decor.

  • Photography: Dalang Indonesia

    Sundanese Zephyr

    West Java's typical pattern, the mega mendung, combined with blue compliments the outdoor concept which is surrounded by Bandung's lush and breezy atmosphere. Decoration by Dalang Indonesia.

  • Photography: raindropsdeco

    Eclectic Acculturation

    Not only it fits well with outdoor celebration, but this bohemian stage is also recommended for traditional-dressed bride and groom who appreciate a contemporary style spirit. Decoration by Raindropsdeco.

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