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    Silver Flower Earpiece by ayyaraSilver Flower Earpiece by ayyara
    Silver Flower Earpiece by ayyaraSilver Flower Earpiece by ayyara
    Wedding Accessories
    Geometric Flower Earpiece by ayyaraGeometric Flower Earpiece by ayyara
    Geometric Flower Earpiece by ayyaraGeometric Flower Earpiece by ayyara
    Silver Leaves Vine by ayyaraSilver Leaves Vine by ayyara
    Silver Leaves Vine by ayyaraSilver Leaves Vine by ayyara
    Wedding Accessories
    3 Layered Headband by ayyara3 Layered Headband by ayyara
    3 Layered Headband by ayyara3 Layered Headband by ayyara
    Wedding Accessories
    Stars And Moon Headband by ayyaraStars And Moon Headband by ayyara
    Stars And Moon Headband by ayyaraStars And Moon Headband by ayyara

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    ayyara Review(s)

    39 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    Jeremy Selvy
    26 November 2019 | Bride at Jeremy & Selvy Wedding

    Great Service, Excellent Product!

    Stumbled upon this hairpiece vendor based on a recommendation from a friend, and all I can say is there is absolutely NO REGRET! Both Jess and Handy are very nice people, and they provide excellent service as well! I was still unsure about what kind of hairpiece that I was looking for, but after consulting with Jess for ONLY 15 minutes, I found the perfect hairpiece to accompany me on my very special day. The items were sent on time, and they even let us change models if we want to (I didn't need to, but hey, it is a plus!), within a very generous time period. All the best for ayyara!

    Vendor Reply

    26 November 2019
    Aw this is the sweetest! Thanks so much for trusting us vy! Blessed marriage yaa you two ❤
    07 May 2019 | Bride at Edwin & Florence Wedding

    Wonderful Handcraft Pieces

    If many people are enough with one, two or three of ayyara pieces at their wedding, i am definitely not one of them hahahaha... Can you guess how many pieces did i get? Five, yes five. You might say i overspend for (only) accesories but i don’t care cause i like ayyara pieces just a lot too much. Everything is just too beautiful and fits perfectly to my hair, dress, shoes and even my groom’s suit. So, if you want the accesories to perfect your overall look, i believe ayyara is the only choice you could have. Not only their design is astonishing, they are also very very professional and friendly. They ensure you to get your pieces on time and hustle-free. Believe me, you need no drama in your wedding preparation. Get the most reliable wedding vendors to avoid any nightmares, and ayyara is definitely one of them.

    Vendor Reply

    08 May 2019
    Floo thankyouu! No drama bride definitely hustle free process ;) blessed marriage always yaa to you and hubby!
    Devi Yunita
    05 May 2019 | Bride at Yuddi & Devi Wedding

    Perfect hair piece & crown! Really love it

    I met Jess and Handy last Dec to find hair piece / crown for my wedding. I need 3 hair pieces / crowns as I will have holy matrimony at SG and teapai + reception at Bali. There were so many beautiful hair pieces / crowns, which made me confuse which one to choose. The designs are special, not like the common hair pieces / crowns, the details and qualities are impressive. Jess and Handy were very nice and friendly, they gave great suggestions based on my dresses and wedding concepts. It didn’t take long for me to choose because of them. They also helped me to customise my earrings to match my hair pieces & crown. We only met once as I’m based in SG and the rest we discussed through whatsapp, everything was smooth from the start till the end :) On the big days itself, the hair pieces, crown and earrings were all outstanding! It’s lovely, comfortable to use even for hours. And of course, I received lots of compliments about them. Everything was perfect and I knew that I made the right decision to choose Ayyara. Thank you so much Jess & Handy 😘 PS: Ayyara actually was one of the options that I considered. I was really glad that I went to visit them first, so I didn’t need to visit the rest. It’s a love at first sight when I saw their collections, really saved me from all the hazzle of checking different hair pieces / crowns vendors. And of course, the price is reasonable. Super recommended!

    Vendor Reply

    08 May 2019
    Devyy you're too sweet! Thanks so much for having us on your big day yaa ❤❤
    20 March 2019 | Bride at Jeffry Welly & Christine Chai Wedding


    Pas di tny sm Jess & Handy: “Chai, mau design headpiecenya kyk apa?” Lalu bingung. Cuma bilang aja pengennya minimalist, modern. Trus kita kasih liat dress nya kira2 kyk gmn. Jujur ga kebayang yang bagus itu gmn yg cocok. Beberapa hari kemudian, Designnya udah di kasih dan langsung sukaaa bngt! Trus turns out cocok bngt sm dressnya yg structured juga ❤️ Dari awal Jess & Handy helpful bngt, terus dipinjemin juga utk teapai headpiecenya. Sama juga bingung maunya apa, lagi2 Jess & Handy bisa bantu saranin. Pkknya thank you bngt Jess, Handy juga yg designnya bagus bngt! Pas dikasih liat hasil jadinya, ada surprise pin buat groom nya yg matching sm headpiece bride, terharuuuu bngttt.. LOVE AYYARA!!! So buat bride yang bingung2, jgn takut buat konsul sama Jess & Handy. Pasti dibantu bngt dan designnya juga ga perlu kawatir, mrk open minded juga utk design2 baru yg personalize ke theme wedding masing2. Once again, me & Jelly wanna say thank youuu for the amazing masterpiece! ❤️❤️❤️
    Natasha Estelle Suban
    20 March 2019 | Bride at Xander and Natasha Estelle Suban Wedding

    So delicate and friendly!

    I celebrated two wedding receptions for my nuptial–– a week apart from the other. I initially was only looking to rent an earcuff for my first outfit just because I couldn't wear earrings as I was having a Seventh-Day Adventist ceremony, in which ear-piercings are frowned upon. Anyhow, I actually ordered last-minute and Jessica really accomodated me well! She was prompt and super-friendly. It came in a nice fabric covered box along with bubble-wrap going round the delicate earcuff, which ensures you they make sure your goods arrive in a pristine condition. Indeed, the earcuff was very pretty and worth every penny! Needless to say more, I ordered two more items for my Jakarta reception (even though I didn't need one, let alone TWO) because they're so pretty! I impulsively texted Jessica the day before the wedding just because I wanted it pretty bad and–– surprise–– the items I wanted were available and I wore it to my Jakarta reception in which people paid attention to them! Jessica is very flexible, very friendly, and the ordering process was pretty much hassle-free. Would I recommend Ayyara? Yes, most definitely! In short, I can summarize that they're very beautiful, delicately crafted with such awesome quality and awfully easy renting process.

    Vendor Reply

    20 March 2019
    Aw thanks so much Nat! So great to be a part of your wedding days! Hope to crosspaths again soon ;)
    Douglas Goh
    19 January 2019 | Groom at Douglas & Devina Wedding

    that headpiece stole all the attention. literally.

    tldr; detail matters, and ayyara nailed it perfectly. before i get too deep - you have to understand that customized accessories are literally one-of-a-kind pieces. they're made for you, according to your likes / dislikes, styled by the hands of the creative artist, for your head, for your big day. the very idea made us go to Handy and Jess, and they instilled this confidence in us to trust them for what's possibly the most important piece my wife-to-be would be wearing on her (after her dress). if you see how Handy just draw the design, out from your words, into his head, onto the drawing board, you might drop your jaw. it was effortless, yet it feels like you know it will look exactly they way it was drawn. his design is, no question asked, beautiful. the best part about choosing them, when everything is said and done, is that they do everything just right. just make sure you convey your ideas to them, approve the design, proceed with payments, and you'll have your headpiece right when you'll need them. Devina mentioned how amazing the headpiece looked probably around 30 times now (yes, even now, a month-ish after the wedding), so yes - it's all worth it. thank you, again. cheers!

    Vendor Reply

    22 January 2019
    Thanks so much Douglas and Devina! Too happy that you both are this much in love with our items ❤ sukses trus yaa you two! Keep in touch!

    Wedding Accessories

    What kind of wedding accessories do you provide?
    Hair Accessories, Headpiece, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Do you ship worldwide?
    What makes your services unique?
    Our headpieces are individually crafted, and custom made accordingly to your needs, making each piece unique and most-suited to your wedding
    What services do you provide?
    Other custom made, rental, ready made
    How long in general does it take for your client to get the final accessories?
    The final item shall be received around a week before the wedding day
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    No But we can schedule an appoinment at client's convenience.
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    The most ideal time for a client to contact us would be 2-3 months in advance

    We specialize in the finest artistry for wedding accessories. Using sterling silver as our main material, we redefine the concept of contemporary design, touching them with Indonesian culture. Each of our pieces are handmade in our workshop, and hence each details, and intricacy truly holds the essence of craftsmanship. We present our pieces, not only as accessories, but as pieces of art to accompany your wedding day.