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The Wedding of Adam & Jenna
by Axioo

Updated on 06 June 2017

Not too long ago, I accompanied my wife to attend her friend's wedding. She wore a dress that she bought for the occasion. I didn't prepare anything special, but I tried to dress up as correctly as possible. White formal shirt, khaki pants, brown boots. I even put some gel on my hair. I believe I looked like a proper wedding guest in that attire. But once I sat down in the romantic dining area and wondered where to get a glass of wine, the staff was asking in confusion why I wasn't squatting behind a flower pot near the entrance yet because the couple was about to show up any minutes. I dissolved into dry laughter and told them that my cameras were at home. They laughed in disbelief. It is not out of flippancy that they expected me to shoot that wedding. It's because they saw me doing it last week. And the week before. I've actually shot weddings at that exact same venue 3 times this month. And 5 times last month. Then repeat backwards for at least 2 times each month. I've shot weddings in that venue so many times that I could suggest my clients which room numbers to avoid for the make up session, because the windows in those room were facing the wrong direction therefore their veil wouldn't be illuminated in dreamy way. During fireworks festivity, my feet would start galloping to my hidden favorite spot, right before the first bursts. I even warned my wife before we arrived, that their suckling pork would be slightly salty but their tiramisu would have the cream consistency the way she'd like it. That being said, sometimes the morning drive to that particular venue feels identical to going to the monotonous office work. I won't lie that deep inside I'm longing for a chance to shoot at an exotic cottage located in the heart of a forest. But just as a little kid forgot the tantrum he threw the moment he found a surprise toy inside his Kinder Egg Chocolate, I too got so pumped up the moment I stepped in the bridal room and detected various kind of happy atmosphere. I have to admit that the setting at Adam and Jenna's wedding seemed familiar to me. But their wedding was absolutely one of a kind. It's a different set of adventure the moment Jenna's father greeted me in enthusiastic warmth and explained the rundown for the day. The spontaneous cheerful laughters that periodically garnished the day were somehow felt so fresh it ignited my creative juice to stream. Or as simple as the way Adam held Jenna's hand in a heartfelt manner, made the sunset photo session something I dearly anticipated. You can throw me into the same venue to shoot weddings for thousands of times. But the energy between family and friends, the interaction between the crowd, their expression of happiness, and the bond within, are always the key elements that made every wedding is like no other weddings. Adam and Jenna's wedding is one of my favorite adventure I'd like to share with you guys. I hope you like the pictures as much as I do. Cheers, Adi

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