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United Edy & Siska by Juvenco
by Anaz Khairunnaz

Updated on 07 November 2017, Medan

By: Sheerss

Listening to the lovestory of Edy and Siska is like watching that k-drama fairytale that makes all girls gush. Hardworking girl working under a respectful figure, only to fall in love and have her happily ever after. But itís true, Edy and Siska did fall in love in such settings. She worked for Edy, a smart and accomplished professional, as his personal assistant, handling all his errands and meeting schedules. Naturally, the two spent a lot of time working together and understanding one another in the process. It was certainly not an instant infatuation too. It took the two a very very long time before Edy realized how comfortable and easy it was to be around this angelic assistant of his. Next thing you know, Edy mustered up the courage and decided to take things to the next level. Well, thereís one good thing about being pursued by someone you work for. Siska already did know Edy inside out, so she went with her guts and gave it a shot. True to her instinct, there was something so effortless in the blooming of their romantic relationship. For Edy & Siska, it didnít just feel right - everything flowed and clicked just like pieces of puzzles. The wedding itself was absolutely grand and breathtaking. But still Edy made it personal by his display of affection and love gestures for his bride. The ballroom may be transformed into a magical and whimsical fairyland, but it was further highlighted by their attention for one another all through the night. I personally adore simple and uncomplicated love stories. So being able to capture the heart of it amidst the magnificent venue just made it all the sweeter. I also loved the mood of the wedding, the lively vibe and generousness of the couple for the guests. But above all, I love how sometimes, my clients remind me that love is better than all k-dramas and fictions combined. Congratulations you two! MUA : Exjo Salon Gown : ANAZ Suit : Wonghang Tailor Planner : Prime Event Planner Decoration : Delavender Decoration

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