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    We Do Bali Weddings Review(s)

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    08 November 2017 | Bride at Anggina & Justin Wedding


    I was introduced to Eva from one of my best friends and in fact, Eva was actually her WO during her wedding which took place on the 2nd of last September at the Intercontinental Bali (Her name is Esther - Liong Lim and she also posted a review) Throughout the entire year of 2017, my wedding preparations with Eva was not always a smooth process but i likened this to being quite the norm for any wedding preparation. So deep breaths and calm trudges together with her it was.. just grinning and bearing it. It was all gonna work out in the end, at least thats what we thought. What was truly shocking was how she disappeared 4 days before the wedding, leaving us and two other couples at a point of disaster, ruining the most important day of our lives. The chronology was like this: (I can provide proof of conversation and transactions if necessary) - - 2 weeks before my Bali wedding, I contacted DIJON (my catering vendor) for some last minute requests relating to catering. During my conversation with DIJON, I found out that Eva had only just paid the down payment on the same day on which I contacted them directly! Please do note that I had forced Eva to give me DIJON’s number because I really needed to negotiate with them directly. I was really quite surprised at their revalation. I then sent them my banking transactions that clearly showed that I had already paid the down payment from many months ago; March to be exact, and Eva only paid it on October. FYI Eva did not let us pay directly to the vendors in the beginning; every financial transaction needed to go through her. - After my phone call with DIJON, I immediately made another call, this time to KHAYANGAN ESTATE, my wedding venue, to check about my payments because I had already paid it in full. When I called them, ibu Yuli of KHAYANGAN ESTATE was the one who picked up the phone. She said Eva still owed KHAYANGAN ESTATE some money. I was furious and confronted Eva immediately about all this. She gave me excuses like how she had transaction limits on her bank account because all the income and expenses for her WO are still using her personal bank account, and how she could exceed certain limits every month. She apologized and reiterated that she had no bad intentions regarding my monies or anything. I told her how upset I was and I stated clearly to her that from here on after, I will be making all the remaining payments directly to the various vendors instead of, going through her. Unfortunately I only checked with just two vendors; I failed to check on my decoration vendor (Corilux Florist), the after-party caterer (Lumbung Catering), the soundsystem vendor (no contact given), the balloon release vendor (I never got this contact as well, she only told me not to worry), the celebrant, etc. In short, I didn’t check about the rest of the payment to the remaining vendors. Silly me. 10 days before the wedding I arrived in Bali to take our Pre-wed photos to be displayed at my reception, and we had another meeting with Eva on the 23rd of October; FIVE days before the wedding. We talked about the final rundown, further decor discussions, etc. The discussion went ok and I felt quite reassured that everything was happening. - We were still talking through Whatsapp until Tuesday evening the 24th November 2017. At around 6 or 7pm, she asked me about my preference on the cocktails area stools. I replied to her not knowing that that would be my last conversation with her. - Wednesday, October 25th, I looked for her the whole day, tried to contact everyone that might know her whereabouts. My husband and all our friends were also trying to help look for her. We found out only later that her phone was allegedly stolen; according to the person that recieved the call when we tried to call her! We even searched for and found her house, but alas it was empty. I was still hoping she would try to contact me by any means necessary . We waited and waited but to our dismay, there was no sign of Eva. - Thursday, October 26th, we knew for certain that Eva had gone MIA; either something happened to her or she had run away on purpose. She had 3 weddings for October 28th! Which meant that there were in total, 3 couples that were depending on her and her team to organize the respective weddings...but she was gone, nowhere to be found. My husband and I kicked into back-up plan mode; we found the numbers of, and contacted all the vendors that we weren’t introduced to before. I contacted Kak Indri, the DEE DICE manager as well and told her what happened to my WO. She was a bit of a savior and she connected me with one of her friends that was involved as bride assistant for my friend’s wedding. One thing led to another and I hired this girl to become my new WO! It meant I was going to be paying double for WO fees! When we met this new WO, she informed us that some of our vendors had still not received any payment from Eva...I was speechless.. it was just 2 days before the wedding! We were going to spend nearly double of what we originally was supposed to pay for several vendors. and furthermore, all the organizing details were still scattered, even with the help of our new WO. I remembered how I burst into tears, feeling hopeless and hurt so much by Evas’ actions. - Friday, October 27th, we moved to Khayangan Estate, and we were greeted by ibu Sinly, the vice president of the BWA (Bali Wedding Association). She found out about our case from the owner of Khayangan Estate, and she offered to help us in the way she could. - Saturday, October 28th, the wedding day. Despite all the confusion and shortcomings, I still had a beautiful wedding, ignoring the fact that several aesthetic aspects planned and promised was not there. Looking back, the day was still a success! Without the support of my fiancé (now husband) and all his wonderful friends, who are all in TV commercial production, thankfully everything worked out great! I didn’t think there was going to be a wedding, because I very nearly gave up. I was overwhelmed with the fact that my WO left me just 3 days before my wedding, how she ran away with a lot of our money, our trust, our wedding details and a huge stock of alcohol that belongs to my friend (I initially wanted to purchase her leftover alcohol from her wedding, so that we could consume them at my wedding party....we eventually bought new alcohol) To be honest, I was a bit reluctant to write anything just yet, because it is actually a very sad thing to admit that my supposed dream wedding was far from what I expected; the management, the decorations, the expenses, the day that we are planning for one year was going to be a mess. But In the end, I am really thankful for my husband and all of our friends efforts to have made that day still so beautiful, so memorable and one I will never forget. I’d like to also take this moment to highlight the great vendors who collectively helped us out of this predicament; KHAYANGAN ESTATE for such a great hospitality...DIJON CATERING for the exquisite food and super professional service, DEE DICE for the unforgettable and wonderful performance and finally, for LUMBUNG Catering for such kind compromise.. - My story here should be a lesson to all the to-be-brides out there; please check and double check the background of your matter how eligible you think they are. Check all the vendors and try as best you can, to handle the payments by yourself too. And lastly, always, ALWAYS make a back up plan. As for Bridestory, I saw that the WEDOBALI WEDDING ACCOUNT was active 3 days ago. We are actually still looking for her whereabouts, because what she did was a criminal act. We will do whatever and also cooperate with you to make sure that this terrible woman Eva, gets what she deserves! What goes around will always come around.
    03 October 2017 | Groom at Yongky & Josie Wedding

    Good wedding organizer

    For all bride and groom to be, as you're considering the quarterback of your wedding, I'll try to provide my review of wedobaliweddings as honest and objective as possible. At the end of the day, we all will likely have only one experience with wedding organizer and Eva was mine. We met Eva in May 2016, a year before our wedding. She is straightforward saleswoman who told her about how she can save us money and also her pay structure when it comes to vendors. As someone who pays for my own wedding, I told her that my main principle is to get her help in finding qualified vendors at competitive price, i.e. leverage her relationships with vendors to get discounts. Throughout the 12 months, we'll attempt to provide honest review on what we like and what we think can be improved. What we like and appreciate * Professionalism - Eva is always professional in her dealing, making it easier to go straight to business without dilly dally * Experience - as she has years of experience under her belt, she was able to calm us down several days leading to the day, which could be nerve-wrecking as several things still need ironing out. She was sensitive enough to notice and give us assurance that things will go well. This is definitely strength that you would want to have in a WO. In addition, she prepped her team well for day of and able to make decisions quickly - it drizzled a bit during reception and she was able to make a few changes to the rundown * Communication responsiveness (time) - she generally replies within a day in Whatsapp (often within a few hours). Note that we don't reside in Indonesia, so there's time difference What could be improved * Being steward for the couple - we were made aware that most vendors require payment 6 months in advance, which we fully understand. Specific to this venue vendor, one email came from Eva asking FULL payment within two weeks (and this happens ~8 months before the wedding). When we ask Eva to clarify/ask vendor to make it 6 motnh as this was not our expectation, her first response was that this was their policy. When I push and say I want to talk to the vendor directly was when she agreed to do it on my behalf and properly push back to the vendor * Vendor selection and discounts - often during our search for vendors, only several options were presented at full price (or small <5% discounts). For example, bride's father opted to look for transportation option ourselves and saved us quite a bit of money. To be honest, I think most WOs operate like this - they have relationship with only several vendors (who could be providing them with some commission for business), so this is not unique to Eva. That said, always good to do your due diligence and research vendors yourself. If you are able to contact vendors directly, their discounts will likely be better. Eva's arrangement is obviously the hassle free option, albeit more expensive. We sourced ourselves our own: photographer/videographer, make up artist for family, budget hotel for friends At the end of the day, there's only a handful of great WOs out there and several good ones. I highly recommend potential client to ALWAYS meet several WOs first, gauge your own comfort/trust level, then make your decision. From our perspective, Eva is definitely experienced and overall, she is a good WO. Despite the improvement opportunities, we would choose her again if we turn back time. If you have flexible budget and don't really want the stress of picking your own vendors, Eva is definitely for you!
    27 September 2017 | Bride at Esther & Tolga Wedding

    Esther & Tolga wedding, 2nd september 2017

    First of all I would like to express how greatly disappointed and betrayed I feel... Well She did a great job (80% went smoothly) at my wedding on September 2nd 2017, but then 4 days before my best friend's wedding on october 28th, She went missing. her phone was inactive, her house was empty, no body knew where she and her partner was. Not only she went missing, she didn't even pay some vendors in a full amount. She ruined 3 weddings on that day. Luckily enough my friend and her husband still have an extra budget to spent to pay for the unpaid transactions and also hire a new wedding organizer. I also left my extra alcohol with her so that my friend can use it at their wedding. those bottles worth some money! For those out there who know Eva and her partner Bemby, please report them to the Bride association, or contact me directly. We just want justice and also our money back. This is the real definition of ruining someone's wedding. watch out for we do bali weddings and bembyandeve. This is not an accident that they went missing, this is clearly has bee planned all along. These people are criminals and should not get away with it, Please help us!
    11 September 2017 | Bride at Michael & Gita Wedding

    My life saver!!

    WeDoBaliWedding...where should i start :) Eva was my life saver and the person who made my Bali Wedding come true...why? Here's some truth behind my dream wedding in Bali. I met Eva 6 months before the wedding and i got introduced to her by my maid of honour. Our first meeting went well and I really liked her...Initially, my first impression of Eva was that she wasn't a professional WO ( I mean with short pants, died hair, tattoos everywhere
    07 May 2017 | Bride at Haidy and Sharon Wedding

    Just a piece of mind...

    Eva in particular wasn't the worst wedding planner, but i wouldn't recommend her to anyone. The good thing about her is she offers a "slightly more reasonable" rates compared to other wedding planner in Bali. And that’s all about it. If you had to cut down the cost on your wedding budget, you may choose her. But be prepared to be involved almost in everything even in small details. You will see what I mean by everything just in a second. She is far from meticulous and very careless if I say, makes you have to double (or even triple) check the invoices from all vendor, rundown, and guest RSVP accurately. Which easier for me to deal with vendors directly rather than through her. At first, I’m still asking for recommended vendors from her which made us deal with Bloomz as decorator, Lumbung for caterer, and Jeeva Saba for our venue. However, we're thankful to get to know them. They're awesome! But then when it goes to further details such as MC, band and a few other things, almost all that she did recommend were not satisfying. I believe choosing the vendors are not just about preference, it also has to be about the quality and the price. For example, she recommended us to an MC with no portfolio and the price was expensive. In the end i had to search one by one through instagram and found a much better MC , in my opinion, with the price just half that she recommended. There was a time when we decided to go with Jeeva Saba as our venue but the rates given by Eva is far more expensive than the rates written on the venue's website. If anyone of you facing this problem, please clarify and check to the vendor directly, bcos in the end we use the venue's website rates and she didn't even apologize for the mistake. I don’t know if this was deliberate or just a careless mistake. It was a nightmare for asking her to do the RSVP. We did pay her extra for this service but in the end we regret it. A lot of mistakes from the beginning hence we still had to put a lot of effort in re-checking the guests’ arrival schedule ourselves to make sure that nothing goes wrong. For example, there was a couple that already confirmed with Eva that they were coming to the wedding but she didn’t write it down on the guest list nor that she informed us. When I confronted her about this issue she tried to answer me about something else. One of the most embarrassing thing was a few of our guests didn't have their accommodation booked bcos of her careless mistake. She informed the wrong date of the complimentary stay that we provided for the guests. The complimentary stay was actually on the 23 and she informed to some of the guests that the complimentary stay was for the 22 and when they actually arrived at the hotel there was a confusion between my guests. Well done Eva ! She also did not give any information to the best man and bridesmaid at what time should they stand by for the wedding day. In the end, we were the one who text them. There were times when she asked things that we already said or written down for her. It seems that she didn’t pay attention to things. Most of the times, Eva always had an excuse for everything and if she didn’t have any she would try to change the topic to create a distraction. There are still a lot more things that we are not happy with but I believe that a wedding planner should not have a standard like this. I’m writing this review is not just because out of anger but so that other couple will not have to go through the same experience as us and we are hoping that Eva will improve her working attitude and performance as a wedding planner. Thank you.
    19 October 2016 | Partnering Vendor at Wedding


    What a lovely Wedding organizer, with good planning, scheduling, time management, great team work and they do know how to have fun and release the stress between the couple on their special day or with the vendors, hope you have a very bright future in Wedding bussiness and lot of Bless for Wedobaliweddings, Highly recomended for getting married in Bali .

    Wedding Planning

    What sort of planning do you cover?
    Wedding styling and concept,  Budget preparation,  Detailed task checklist,  Venue selection,  Reception planning,  Ceremony planning
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Do you speak other languages should there be any overseas couple who wants to use your services?
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer
    What service do you provide?
    Day of coordinator, Full planning, Partial planning
    What is your primary expertise?
    Intimate wedding,  Grand wedding,  International wedding
    Minimum and maximum number of guests of a wedding you would coordinate
    2 Person - 1500 Persons
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Jakarta
    How far in advance should your client make a booking?
    Maxs 12 Months, Min 5 Days
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    9 - 15 Hours depends on case
    What makes your services unique?
    We Do Bali wedding planners will be more than happy to discuss the exciting options available. We offer personal uniquely tailored to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. We want your special day in Bali to be a true reflection of who you are. Our Bali weddings team works with some of the best suppliers in the industry and together we will ensure that all of your expectations are met and delivered to the highest possible standards. You should be free to relax and enjoy the experience without the hassle of organizing it all.
    Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards
    in 2012 published as part of real weddings story at one of magazine in 2011 2 times as me my self and my story and my experiences in wedding industry at international magazine
    What is your payment terms?
    50 percent after confirmation lette after booking received and 50 percent 1 month or at least 3 weeks before the D - day
    When was your business established?
    My experiences in the hospitality industry from planning events and weddings since 2001, now planning weddings for over 10 years experiences in Bali. As the founder of We Do Bali Weddings I have dedicated myself in making We Do Bali Weddings into a full service Bali Wedding planner company for your special day in Bali, and wedobaliweddings established since 2011
    Appointment Only

    We Do Bali Weddings is a wedding planning company based in BALI, we specialize in the creation of bespoke weddings,we will work with you to provide your Dream Weddings in Bali. “I treat every wedobaliweddings couple weddings in Bali like it’s my own, very personal to my heart. I think it’s the reason I have remained friends with so many of my Brides over the years. People always ask me why a BALI wedding planner? I simply say I take so much pride and joy in their happiness on their special day.

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