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Irfan & Irene Traditional Wedding || Same Day Edit by Garry Valentino
by valentinogarry

Updated on 15 April 2019, DKI Jakarta

If there’s one thing I always love most about traditional Indonesian weddings, it’s the tribute to the parents. It is beautiful not only because it’s heartwarming, but because it holds such deep meaning too. You see, as marriage is considered to be the eminent sign of adulthood and the bride and groom would then be “flying out of their nests”, this particular event as a part of the whole wedding ceremony, expresses the gratitude of the bride and groom to the people who have brought them into this world and raised them long enough until they are ready. In this event, the new couple asks the blessings from their parents in building a family of their own, so that their family would be blessed too. This event is, to me, gives the biggest highlight to relationships. And it’s these relationships that warms my heart. Let me share with you the video of Irfan and Irene’s wedding so that you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are two people I loved to keep my camera on in this video, who I thought practically gave the biggest highlights to the relationships within this wedding. The first one is Irene’s father. At one point, he was making jokes around his daughter about his future son-in-law and about how nervous he was about getting his name right later on in during the ceremony. The next moment, I saw him bid farewell to his daughter with tears running down his face as he gave her his blessings. He described the perfect relationship between a father and his daughter. The second one is Irfan, the groom. I would think that he comes from a good family and was raised in a good home, by loving parents. In his tribute to his mother, he told her of how he dreamt of marrying someone who would love her as much as he did, and he really hoped that Irene would do just that. His relationship with his mother was not feared, but encouraged and cherished. And in a world where you see so much childhood misery, doesn’t this relationship restore your faith in good families again? I loved how emotional this wedding was, and how everyone never held back on expressing their feelings. It’s these kinds of expressions and emotions that will form stories to be told for a really long time. I’m not saying that non-traditional weddings can’t have this, because, of course, they can. But in a wedding like this one, nothing is orchestrated, and it can stir emotions like no other. Click play to find out what I’m talking about. It would be wise to watch this on your own and with a tissue on hand. Consider yourself warned. Love, Garry

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