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Wang Sinawang Jewelry

Necklace Tanah Air - Wang Sinawang

by Wang Sinawang Jewelry — Traditional Accessories

  • Necklace
  • Tanah Air
  • Handmade


*Tanah Air Necklace* What we do is all about love, life, and the future. Our product is handmade. Detail Produk : Materials : Chain Stainless, Font Brass, Orchid Brass, Gold Plating Measure : 8 x 5 x 55cm Weight : 32 gr User Suggestions: 1. If jewelry is often exposed to sweat, jewelry coating will be easily eroded 2. To maintain the luster and cleanliness jewelry, please polish jewelry by using a cotton cloth 3. Not recommended wear jewelry while doing heavy manual work 4. For specific skin type if you have a skin allergy (rare) immediately discontinue wear of jewelry Saran Pemakaian: 1. Jika perhiasan sering terkena keringat, lapisan sepuh perhiasan akan mudah tergerus karena proses oksidasi 2. Untuk mempertahankan kilau dan kebersihan perhiasan poles perhiasan dengan menggunakan kain katun 3. Tidak disarankan memakai perhiasan saat melakukan pekerjaan manual yang berat 4. Untuk jenis kulit tertentu jika mengalami alergi kulit (jarang terjadi) segera hentikan pemakaian perhiasan Jewelry maintance 1. Avoid chemical 2. Avoid bath wear 3. Avoid t sweat wear 4. Avoid impact avoid 5. Moisture wipe with soft cloth 6. Proper placement Perawatan perhiasan 1. Hindari bahan kimia 2. Hindari pakaian mandi 3. Hindari memakai keringat 4. Hindari dampak menghindari 5. Lap lembab dengan kain lembut 6. Penempatan yang tepat

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