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IDR 16,000,000
0% Installment with Bridestory Pay Badge
3 Month IDR 5,333,333++ each month
6 Month IDR 2,666,666++ each month
12 Month IDR 1,333,333++ each month
24 Month IDR 666,666++ each month
Calculated based on minimum order & exclusive of bank service fees
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X-Seven Entertainment

Fullband Package

by X-Seven Entertainment — Wedding Band

  • MC Entertain
  • 2h Perform
Flexible Reschedule Icon Flexi Reschedule
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Full Band Package : MC Reception, Baby Piano, Bass, Saxophone/Violin, Drum Electric, Guitar Include Male Vocal, Female Vocal, Sound System 5000 watt // MC Reception, Keyboard, Bass, Drumset, Guitar Electric, Saxophone/Violin, 2 Vocal, Sound 5000 watt

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