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My Forever Best Friend
by Red Velvet Productions

Updated on 17 November 2017, Jakarta

By: Kairos Works

Hazel and Jonathan (Jon, for short) met in Toronto in November 2009 through a mutual friend. They started talking to each other regularly a few months after they met and through one particular incident, they discovered that they shared the same sense of humour. This prompted Jon to prank Hazel on April Fools' Day in 2010 when he successfully tricked her into thinking they were third cousins (yes, sometimes it makes people wonder which of the two is the gullible one). It was a very convincing prank and Hazel did not suspect anything fishy. She even excitedly posted this ginormous bag of lies on Facebook, which surprisingly garnered the attention of intrigued commenters). Eventually the truth was revealed after Jon had his fun. Hazel was livid, but at the same time amused at the fact that he was one of the only people to have successfully tricked her into such less-than-intelligent deception. The times that followed were a blur. It was probably the weirdest way a couple would start a romantic relationship. To save the reader time and keep over-sentimental sentiments to a minimum, let's just say it happened when both least expected it. During the time they were still friends and texting each other 24/7, they decided it would be a cool idea to PRETEND to be a real couple and mimic (whilst expressing disgust at) other couples' cheesy corniness WITH EACH OTHER. Brilliant. So brilliant that they couldn't help but feel all the feels from pretending... until it all became real. Disclaimer: Don't try this at home. After much more talking and many more "study times" at the North York Centre library, Jon had to leave for his trip to Indonesia. It was not only after he came back that Hazel and Jon DECIDED to make their coupleship official on October 8 (Hazel's birthday) of the same year, and the rest was -obviously- history. The next 6 years (5.5 if you don't count the first few months) have not been easy, but H&J keep each other reassured that it would be impossible to live without the other. So with a set of determination, Jon gathered ALL his courage and proposed to Hazel on April 1, 2016 at their newly purchased condo in North York! They are back in where they started to start a new life together. Those who know H&J personally probably know that this couple never runs out of dry, corny jokes. Sometimes Hazel finds Jon's jokes funny. Other times, not so much. What's important is that he keeps her laughing by other means (at him or with him isn't always clear), so that's all that matters. In the same way, Hazel keeps Jon entertained with her wealth of basketball knowledge. She keeps him pleasantly amused when she poses such inquiries as "WHO IS STEVE KERR? and "WHO IS SCOTTIE PIPPEN?" And the time she asked him if Carmelo Anthony was the guy with the unibrow, he had an inevitable, brief fit and passed a brick. Just kidding... about the brick. Honestly though, with all the knowledge she personally claims to have, she shouldn't be claiming anything.

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