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    Odelia Bridal Review(s)

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    Latest Review
    24 September 2017 | Bride at Yingying & Kuan Chee Wedding

    Pre wedding photos

    We had previously suffered the scars of a horrendous pre-wed photo experience at the hands of a former friend who claimed to be a skillful MUA and provides upmarket bespoke gowns, in partnership with a good photography studio that matches her reputation. Instead we received a set of photos where everything that could go wrong went wrong, shocking our friends and relatives and making us laughing stock. Those were the circumstances under which we came to Odelia upon the recommendations of my bro-in-law who had earlier taken his pre-wed photos. While Odelia staff were similarly shocked by our earlier photos, they assured us that we could leave such baggage behind and they would provide a totally different experience. We can say now that it was no idle boast and they truly lived up to their words! Knowing especially my concerns about the MUA after the botched makeup by my former friend, Odelia assigned May ML as MUA and within minutes into the makeup session I knew it would really be different this time. May is a very skillful and professional MUA who did a fantastic job for me and HTB and yet is really humble! She went to great lengths to ensure the makeup looked natural and hairstyling complemented our appearances and outfits well. Wei Ting and also Vinsyie provided spot-on recommendations on suitable gowns which I was in fact initially reluctant to accept as their advice was contrary to inputs from former friend. I was only convinced after finally agreeing to try, and in fact agree with their recommendations so much that I will now likely choose similar gowns for AD. And of cos, comes photographer Rex with assistant Ben to finally make it all come together during the photo shoot. They were in complete control throughout and not only put us at ease with good poses, but amazed us with beautiful angles even in your run-of-the-mill locations. I think the best indication of their quality is our decision to print more than we originally intended:) This is a once-in-a-lifetime event after all and "You Deserve A Perfect Wedding" (Odelia's tag line)! Thanks Rex and team for the "disaster recovery" and restoring our spirits!
    15 September 2017 | Bride at Amos & Adeline Wedding

    Prewedding shoot review - Singapore & Melbourne

    Hello Odelia Bridal team! It's been 6 mths since our Melbourne shoot & we just got done with our wedding! The Odelia team has journeyed with us throughout our prewedding shoot & although we did not engage them for actual day, but their enthusiasm for the prewed shoot made us look forward to our wedding day so much! They took really good care of us & ensured that i looked extra pretty that day! I took super long to choose my gowns but they were soooo patient with me! MUA, Elsa, was considerate & definitely took into account what i liked & did not like! We did our local shoot with them and despite the heavy downpour that day, Rex readily agreed to go on with the photoshoot still! SUPER ONZ! (: and the photo effects came out prettier than expected, everyone loved our photos! Needless to say, the Melbourne overseas shoot was fun as well! Didn't manage to complete the shoot in one day due to bad weather, but similarly, Rex & Jovin agreed to extend the shoot one more day without any hesitation!!!!!! And not to forget, 2nd day was suppose to be their rest day as well, before shooting another couple! They sacrificed their rest day for us! And everytime we stepped into Odelia, we felt super welcome & happy!!!!!! Everyone was always sooo excited to see us, made us excited to see them too! Every visit with them was super fun! Overall, me & my now husband, really enjoyed both shoots with them & we both agreed that we would do it again in a heartbeat! Indeed, Odelia believes in providing every bride a perfect wedding & they have stayed true to that! Thank you Rex, Jovin, Ben & Elsa! You guys are awesomeeeee!!!!! (:
    24 August 2017 | Bride at Patrick & May Wedding

    Unforgettable Photoshoot with Odelia Bridal

    I am so thankful that my hubby Patrick and I have chosen Odelia Bridal for our wedding photography. Else, we wouldn't have met Jovin,Rex, Elsa and the Odelia team. Prior to Odelia I have visited many other bridal stores but none have given me the service that I have gotten since my first visit at Odelia. Jovin - thank you for all the time u spent trying to organize gown fitting, appointments and also for our trip to Norway. All your gowns are so lovely, I had a hard time choosing them! Rex - your work of photography skills is amazing. Patrick and I are very happy with our photographs taken in Norway. We are big fan of your work, if you don't know by now .. Elsa - my lovely makeup artist. Thank you for helping me with the gowns and changing hairstyle and makeup throughout the photoshoot. And for making me so beautiful on our photoshoot day Our trip to Norway is so unforgettable that to this day, Patrick and I are still missing the wonderful crazy time we had together, photoshoot from 9pm till 5am!! We brave the freezing cold in the Northern Norway together... and although I know everyone was tired and freezing, but ur professionalism throughout was burning strong Thank you team Odelia I will highly recommend you to my friends or anyone who is looking for a most unique and special wedding/Bridal service. Lots of love from, May & Patrick
    29 July 2017 | Bride at Sherry&Kenny Wedding

    Wonderful experience with Odelia Bridal

    Odelia Bridal prides itself on three key pillars: personalized service by their staff, flexible packages that tailor to your every need, and high quality products that ensure you have the perfect wedding – the beautiful gowns designed by Jovin, as well as their very professional and capable affiliate partners (make-up artist, photographer, and florist). After our wedding, my husband and I are happy to say that our wedding day was indeed the perfect day that Odelia has promised in their slogan, with great thanks to Jovin, Ben, Vinx Yee, Ryan, and Li Shi. Odelia was the second bridal shop my husband and I checked out, and my family was so impressed by the service Jovin and her team provided that it took very little deliberation before we decided to sign with them. From the first meeting on, Jovin was responsive, attentive, detail-oriented, and highly accommodating to our sometimes fussy needs. As a bride who prefers to keep things simple and is rather clueless about the intricacies of wedding planning, Jovin was able to provide us with great advice, highlighting things I never thought about, and helping to ensure that the whole planning process went as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Aside from Jovin, the other Odelia employees, Ben and Vinx Yee were also fantastic – friendly and enthusiastic while attending to us, and going the extra mile to help fulfil our requests. The photographer that we hired from Odelia was Ryan. Ryan was incredibly proactive and professional. He arrived early, and immediately set about his task of photographing the early morning hustle bustle. He also actively arranges the people and my gown before taking photos to ensure that the photos turn out well, and took pains to capture (and even re-capture) some of the key moments in the day. I was originally assigned Elsa to be my make-up artist, and after going through the trial make-up, I was confident that Elsa understood my wants and needs, and could do a very good job with the make-up. However, about a month before the wedding, I was suddenly informed that Elsa would be unavailable, and a different make-up artist was to be assigned to me. This abrupt change was rather startling, although Jovin did reassure me that the replacement make-up artist was highly experienced and that I could have another trial make-up to ease my concerns. The replacement make-up artist was Li Shi, and she is certainly very experienced. During the actual day make-up, Li Shi was calm, friendly, and efficient, and I appreciated that she was very focused while applying the make-up. I have very little experience with putting on make-up, but Li Shi was patient even when I kept fidgeting, and was able to make me feel at ease. Li Shi did an excellent job. All in all, we were very satisfied with the services provided by Odelia Bridal, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family. The wedding gown, bridal bouquet, and bridal car flowers looked amazing, and received a lot of praise from our guests. And the most perfect moment of all, the moment when I knew everything went well, is seeing my husband tear with joy as I walked down the aisle. Thank you to Odelia, for being a part of this perfect moment.
    05 July 2017 | Groom at Hong Chun & Sarah Wedding

    2016 - We went in as guests, 2017 - We left there as friends :)

    If you are looking for a bridal shop that provides the most dedicated personnel and being treated like you really matter the most to them, then look no further, really :) True Story: On Aug 1, 2016 @ 2355 hrs, I emailed Odelia Bridal to schedule an appointment to understand their services better. I mean seriously, i wasn't expecting any reply till probably noon earliest but nope, a reply by Jovin came in @ 0110 hrs (Reason: She wanted to reply to all enquirers before their 3-day company trip starting the same morning). Talking about dedication. We went to different bridal shops prior to our visit and Odelia was the only one my wife and i had a unanimous decision to sign up with. We were so comfortable and at ease at their shop and with their crew. We also felt their gowns, suits and photos had a certain degree of 'wow' factor to them compared to others as well. I don't have to talk about how enjoyable our experience were, just look at the numerous reviews here. I can type 101 positives here but there is only one way to find out: Go see and experience for yourselves :) Once again, a big thank you to the wonderful team @ Odelia Bridal. Keep doing what you do best!
    05 May 2017 | Bride at Christine & Sebastian Wedding

    The best bridal studio in Singapore

    Background: I started wedding planning a few years prior to my actual date and I spent a lot of time looking for the photographer to capture the most important moments on our big day. I filtered through many photographers and none of them stood out until a friend recommended Rex's profile to me. I was instantly blown away by the quality of his photos. He has such an amazing way of capturing moments between a couple and I absolutely loved his unique angles. I followed his photos for about 2 years and decided that he was the right photographer for our wedding day. During that period, I found out that Rex & Jovin opened Odelia Bridal. I was very excited as it meant that there was a chance that we could engage the bridal studio to help with other aspects of the wedding. Upon researching more, I found that they had a wide range of dresses, offered competitive prices and most importantly, they really cared about their clients. Meeting the Team: I arranged to meet Rex & Jovin at their studio and from the moment we met them, we liked how warm and friendly they were. They have been such gracious and welcoming hosts and always offered us coffee and snacks whenever we visited. The reason why we chose to go ahead with Odelia Bridal is because we were won over by their complete sincerity and how genuine and caring they were. Most importantly, we trusted Rex & Jovin as they have a very high level of integrity and we fully trusted them. We started the journey with Odelia Bridal 2 years ago and I am so touched by their care and complete understanding with regards to my medical conditions - I have cancelled and postponed several important appointments (i.e. even our indoor photoshoot) due to my medical conditions acting up and Rex & Jovin did not once get irritated or annoyed; instead they showered me with love, care and understanding and only wished the best for me. This truly touched my heart. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot (Japan & Singapore): We chose to engage Rex for our pre-wedding shoot in Japan and I have to admit that I gave Rex a lot of grief regarding the photoshoot. I badgered him on end for months asking him questions on small issues and he handled the whole situation very well - he answered all of my questions and did a lot of research prior to our trip, despite him having travelled to Japan many times before. Rex handled the make-up artist, advised us on where to stay and coordinated all of the logistic arrangements needed for the photoshoot. On the actual day of the photoshoot, we were blown away by how professional Rex was - it was a complete joy to watch him in his own element. It was easy to see how comfortable Rex was behind the lens - we loved watching him come up with ideas on where we should stand and how we should pose. It was completely natural, fun and easy to pose for the camera with Rex. His photography style is unlike any other. A few months after the photoshoot in Japan, we had another photoshoot in Singapore. Odelia Bridal's studio was the perfect indoor studio - they had so many props; from LED lights to a winding staircase, they did not disappoint! The environment was clean and comfortable and we had so much fun. After the indoor photoshoot, we headed to a few outdoor locations and once again, Rex handled all the logistical arrangements needed. Ben came along as well and was a great help. We love all the stunning photos that Rex captured. Wedding Gowns: Jovin customised my wedding gowns for me and they looked beautiful. She put a lot of effort into making sure they fit me perfectly and was meticulous about all the fine details. Jia Hui also spent a considerable amount of time helping me with my gowns and even though I changed my mind many times and nitpicked, she was very patient and kind towards me. Once again, whenever my medical condition flared up and I felt exhausted and overwhelmed, they were always considerate and did whatever they could to make me feel better. Odelia Bridal also took care of my bridal bouquet, the flowers for the bridal car and all arrangements with the make-up artist. Wedding Day: On the actual day, Odelia Bridal did everything they could to ensure that the day went smoothly. Rex arrived even earlier than the agreed timing and he did a spectacular job in capturing all the significant moments throughout the day. He even made me laugh when I was too stressed out in the morning which was a big help. I never once had to look for Rex as he was always by our side and ready to capture any moment. Most importantly, Odelia Bridal was always reliable and we knew that we could always depend on them. An important lesson that I learnt was how to trust Odelia Bridal because they certainly delivered on all aspects. I feel that we walked into Odelia Bridal as clients and we walked out as close friends. Although our wedding is over, we miss Rex, Jovin, Jia Hui & Ben very much and am extremely grateful to them for all their help and support.


    What is included in your photoshoot package?
    Albums,  Custom graphic design,  Digital files,  Flush mount,  Hi-Res image,  Matted prints,  Prints,  Custom album design
    What photography styles do you usually offer?
    Contemporary,  Journalism,  Portraiture,  Candid,  Artistic,  Natural,  Classic,  Vintage,  Black and White,  Conceptual,  Destinations
    What photography styles do you specialize in? (max.3)
    Journalism,  Artistic,  Natural
    What do your services cover?
    Prewedding shoot,  Wedding day coverage,  Studio shoot
    What is your speciality?
    Prewedding shoot,  Wedding day coverage
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Do you employ any special technologies, equipments, or techniques?
    Do you have replacement on the D-Day in the off chance you become unavailable?
    Will you provide all the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
    Are you available to shoot after hours?
    How do you usually direct the couple during a photoshoot?
    Will have dissuasion with the coupe before the shooting
    What rate do you usually charge at?
    Start from SGD2000
    How soon after the event will the proof be ready for review?
    2 months
    How long does it take for the client to receive the final product?
    3 months
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    6-12 months
    Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards
    WPPI, ISPWP, Fearless Photographer
    What makes your services unique?
    We provide a good service and quality
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Credit card payment, Cheques, Cash
    Dress & Attire

    What kind of dress and attire do you provide?
    Wedding dress,  Accessories,  Evening dress,  Other - men suit
    49 Amoy Street. Singapore 069875

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