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    Federick & Winny by Twogather Wedding PlannerFederick & Winny by Twogather Wedding Planner
    Federick & Winny by Twogather Wedding PlannerFederick & Winny by Twogather Wedding Planner
    Wedding Planning
    Placecard & Menu #MrMrsKwangko by Calligraphy by Natasha DianPlacecard & Menu #MrMrsKwangko by Calligraphy by Natasha Dian
    Placecard & Menu #MrMrsKwangko by Calligraphy by Natasha DianPlacecard & Menu #MrMrsKwangko by Calligraphy by Natasha Dian
    DANIEL & LAVINA by MyVoilàDANIEL & LAVINA by MyVoilà
    DANIEL & LAVINA by MyVoilàDANIEL & LAVINA by MyVoilà
    MyVoilà & 3 OTHERS
    Decoration & Lighting
    Mrs Kwangko by MyVoilàMrs Kwangko by MyVoilà
    Mrs Kwangko by MyVoilàMrs Kwangko by MyVoilà
    MyVoilà & 6 OTHERS
    Decoration & Lighting
    Mr Mrs Kwangko - Part II by MyVoilàMr Mrs Kwangko - Part II by MyVoilà
    Mr Mrs Kwangko - Part II by MyVoilàMr Mrs Kwangko - Part II by MyVoilà
    MyVoilà & 1 OTHERS
    Decoration & Lighting
    Mr Mrs Kwangko - Part I by MyVoilàMr Mrs Kwangko - Part I by MyVoilà
    Mr Mrs Kwangko - Part I by MyVoilàMr Mrs Kwangko - Part I by MyVoilà
    Decoration & Lighting
    The Coca-Cola Mania by MyVoilàThe Coca-Cola Mania by MyVoilà
    The Coca-Cola Mania by MyVoilàThe Coca-Cola Mania by MyVoilà
    Decoration & Lighting

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    MyVoilà Review(s)

    9 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    20 January 2019 | Groom at Douglas & Devina Wedding

    it doesn't go higher than 5 stars?

    tldr; we got what we paid for, and much more. slight hiccup, nothing major. first of all, the best thing about MYVOILÀ is that Sam and Jen are both the founder and the creative minds behind the whole decoration, so it's all in good hands. they don't just throw the design / management / detailing to anyone else so you know things are locked on. they would meet you personally, watch over the setup personally, and ask you about any changes personally. it's what we love from them, it's what made us choose to trust them, and it was worth it. design wise - we believe this is their forte compared to other vendors. if you want your wedding to look good, you're in for a ride. however (there's always this), they do not come cheap. they come with quality. if you think they charge a lot, you probably don't really care that much about pleasing your aesthetic - and that's okay. if you do, see the photos. the flowers, the tables, the lights, the printouts, the menu. enjoy. as for the hiccup, this is a compliment. we got beautiful floral arrangements on our bridal table - so beautiful (we actually loved it) that it covers a little of our view to our guests and our parents didn't quite like it. we had to shift a little, but all's good. we also got a comfy sofa for our own, and while it was very nice to sit there laid back, we had to sit straight up to eat and it was a bit of a challenge. another thing - we got a rather late recommendation to upgrade our table material, etc, and while it does add a fee (you might not want it so late into your planning), we decided to go for it and it (again) was worth it. at the end of the day, when everyone you meet tells you your once-in-a-lifetime event has amazing decorations, you'd breathe a sigh of relief. that, to us, was thanks to Sam and Jen. job well done girls, cheers!
    27 November 2018 | Bride at Arvin & Stephanie Wedding

    Nice concept!

    My Voila were able to grasp the idea from what we envisioned. They can propose some good ideas so we can have more options before the final decision. We love the bouquets but the dark spray color on the flowers can easily stain the clothes or skin. And we think some of the additional charges are higher than what we expect. Otherwise their concept is pretty strong and unique.
    21 September 2018 | Bride at Edwin & Deasy Wedding

    Bad services

    I talked to MyVoila at first and showed them references of decorations that i love including flowers, photo displays etc. i got the quotation based on what we have talked and moving forward. there are some points that i really feel disappointed about: 1.Sketch and Mock Up: I was promised to be given the complete sketch on June, however i got the sketch in ceremony and cocktail area but not the reception table and bridal table, they delayed to July, then to August, then no news and they told me there is no sketch for reception area but only pictures reference. No Mock Up as well but since it is told verbally at our meeting, i have no proof on this so i don\u2019t pursue this at all. 2.Very slow response on whatsapp and i have to be the one who initiates to ask what do they need from me (seating arrangement, guest namelist etc for calligraphy writing) 3.On my B Day, i was told by my WO that there is no big sofa chairs for parents and no single sofa chair on the ceremony area as shown in the sketch. The reason was because the sofa chair is too big and it may takes space for the guests chairs. I told my WO that it is okey i still want the sofa chairs for our parents, they then told my WO we need to PAY ADDITIONALS as it is not written on the first proposal so it is a bonus and it is up to them if they want to remove this bonus on the day! but hey they included this in the sketch and there is no information at all that that was a bonus? Ok then i got it, first excuse was it is too big, then 2nd excuse was it is a bonus that they decided to take out on the day without advance notice and im required to pay additional if i still want it. I still couldnt accept, my WO told them to meet me in person and explained to me themselve, but they responded in a inappropriate manner as they said its the bride who need to see them so the bride supposed to go down and look for them. \ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb 4.They informed me earlier that they want to provide wood construction for my reception area, however they then informed me they miscalculated and they cant cover the cost, they asked me if im willing to pay 20mio extra i said no, i can only pay extra for 5mio at max as i have exceeded my budget. They were oke with the 5 mio and i reconfirmed if this wood construction wouldn\u2019t take the budget of my whole decoration details (i dont want my flowers and any other details to be downgraded just for this wood construction) and they replied me Yes they wouldn\u2019t take from other decorations budget. I reconfirmed again if the wood construction will have fairy lights and crystals and they said yes. On the B day i have to approached them and argued on the fairy light and crystal since they did not provide at first, they told me they have given me MUCH MORE THAN I PAY SUCH AS the wood construction, chandeliers. It is explained clearly that they will not take any from my other decorations budget and they are the one who suggest that to me and im willing to pay extra 5mio for that. They blamed me by telling me all flowers that i want are imported and very expensive, they are making losses for my decoration, i then told them back that all references of flowers are discussed before i got the quotation, so their quotation should has calculated the flowers and all. At last, They even threaten me if i don\u2019t want it they will take out the whole wood construction, this is witness by my bridemaid as well. After arguing for sometime, they finally added up the fairy light and crystals to the wood construction (thank God) 5.The flower girl\u2019s basket they provided me was not A BASKET AT ALL. It is about 10-15cm meters wide tiny thing without any handle with a very little roses. My flower girl couldn\u2019t even throw the roses at all so she just walked with that. Despite all the bad services i got as stated above, i do really think they actually have a good skill in terms of doing what they do. I do hope they can improve their services in the future.
    01 December 2017 | Bride at Lavina & Daniel Wedding

    The finest in flowers and decoration

    Samantha and Jennifer are the creative masterminds behind MyVoila and they are the bomb! I found them just about two or three months before my wedding day and I did not regret my decision to choose them. They are easy to communicate with and they spend time trying to understand what you want (in my case, what my mom wants hehe :p ). They are so patient and they give suggestions and options based on your budget as well. More importantly, on my wedding day they delivered stunning and elegant floral arrangements and decorations and beautiful centrepieces. They also paid attention to very small details - how can you not fall in love with their works!! Their team also worked quickly, effectively and efficiently, proving how professional they are. I have to say that their decorations are much better than my dream - that's how good they are turning your ideas into reality! Even my mom who is very picky and fussy was very impressed with their work! Do not think twice, and trust your wedding in the hands of these creative, beautiful girls! Thank you very much Samantha and Jennifer! I fall in love with your works again and again everytime I see my wedding photos!
    22 November 2017 | Bride at Budi & Janet Wedding

    Always impressed.

    I've been a loyal customer of myvoila for years. Their extra-ordinary skill, imaginations, impeccable taste and amazing crews are easily said to be a rare gem in Indonesia. Samantha is a 'yes' girl who will thrive to give you the best options. Tell her what you want, the result will be more likely to impress you than the mood board she's about to give you. The sisters made both my bouquets on my wedding days, decorated my house (transformed it into a whimsical garden, practically a tree in the middle of the house), did my tea ceremony set up and the private dinner reception. We couldn't be happier! We were in awe of the little pretty details and the overall decoration fits harmoniously in an established restaurant and space. Thank you girls. Forever impressed. xo.
    27 August 2017 | Bride at Elsa and Jun Wedding

    The most amazing, sweet, talented wedding decorator.

    Every piece of their work speaks love, passion and mode. Both Jennifer and Samantha are so sweet and helpful through out the entire wedding preparation. I had so many ideas and themes in mind, so many items/flower that I want to have for my big day. They did such a beautiful job reflecting all of my preference in such a harmonic way with graceful taste. Although I thought I knew what the decoration was gonna be, I was still "wowed" when I walked in the chapel and dinner reception venue. I highly recommend them to everyone as I really felt lucky to have them as my decorator:)

    Vendor Reply

    05 October 2017
    We definitely had fun planning for your wedding decoration -- brainstorming and trying out new concepts, adding a touch that reflects both of your personalities and preferences, getting to know Tigger the Toy Poodle, and the list goes on... We are honored to be part of your wedding day and to know you personally. Thank you for making communications easy when we wanted to go through every single detail of the decoration :) Arigato gozaimasu all the way to Japan! Wish you both a sweet journey ahead as man and wife.

    Decoration & Lighting

    Which of the following services do you provide?
    Decorative draping,  Event concept & design,  Event décor,  Event lighting,  Floral design,  Furniture rental
    Do you provide sample arrangements?
    Yes by request.
    What is the style of your decorations?
    Classic,  Rustic,  Vintage,  Eclectic,  Glamorous,  Bohemian,  Romantic,  Modern,  Other
    What supporting equipment do you provide?
    Chairs,  Chair covers,  Tables,  Tablecloths and linens,  Centerpieces,  Room or ceiling draping,  Lighting,  Stage or dance floor,  Tableware
    Do you offer consultations?
    Yes we will help you choose your wedding color palette, flowers, designing your wedding paperie, concepting vision of an event in the small, thoughtful details that contribute to an overall exquisite styling.
    If you have not worked at the ceremony or reception sites previously, would you be willing to visit the sites before the event?
    Yes we would love to visit.
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Jakarta and Bali.
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Cheques, Cash
    What is your payment terms?
    On the day this contract is signed, our client should deposit 50% of the total decoration fee. With this deposit, MyVoilà is responsible for your wedding design and décor we agreed upon for the scheduled date. The remaining payment should be made at least one month before the wedding day.
    When was your business established?
    MyVoilà was initiated in 2013.
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    6 months or more would be great, but if they must, the latest they can contact us is 2 months before the wedding day.
    What makes your services unique?
    Taking a fresh perspective of each wedding and event, MyVoilà seek the wild and the romantic, selecting seasonal blooms and foraged textures to craft our designs. We will make your wedding one-of-a kind and truly memorable.
    Minimum and maximum number of guests
    Up to 800 guests. Be it from private events to weddings.
    Do you provide sample arrangements?
    Yes by request.
    Do you offer delivery, set up, and breakdown services?
    Yes Yes (please give details if any)

    MyVoilà is a wedding design and décor boutique based in Jakarta and Bali, specializing in creating events with a unique approach to understated luxury. Taking on only a selected number of projects each year, MyVoilà's goal is to create a true bespoke experience with every client.

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