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The Beauty of Wilderness
by Memento Idea

Updated on 09 July 2018

A wedding day celebration is always wonderful and full of happiness. But what matters most is the days after it, the marriage life. It is the moment when someone commits to another person and each other that they don’t live their lives for their own anymore. They commit to walk all the way for the rest of their life, together. The path they will walk through is an unknown path, just like the mystery of their future before they committed to each other as singles. One difference is that now the future is not for them as singles anymore, but their future becomes one just as they become one. The beauty of marriage life is like the beauty of wilderness. It is an adventure for the couple as husband and wife, to walk forward together through the unknown path they will walk through. The beauty of wilderness is hidden in the mystery it holds, in all amazing things that will show up along the path, good ones and bad ones. No one will ever know in detail how it will be, but they will need to walk by holding on the value of loving each other firmly. Finding out more about their spouse is another mystery of marriage life. There will always be new things to learn from their husband / wife. It is another beauty of marriage, to know that there are always more things they don’t know about each other by the time they feel like they know their spouse already. It is an endless and unending process to learn through the adventures. Another kind of beauty in wilderness is about love. When there will be downs aside of ups, or storms aside of bright days in marriage life. The beauty held in the way they love each other and won’t give up. And the beauty of love will stand out and stand still even in the middle of the storm, just like a beauty in the wilderness.

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