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Get Lost with You
by Memento Idea

Updated on 18 April 2018, Bali

I am not the kind of person that love forest / jungle. I can say that I am more into a "beach person". But seeing the greeneries, nothing can compare to it to make me relaxing my mind. Dika and Nova are our clients from Bali, a place known with beautiful beaches it has. But they choose to have the theme of greeneries. And pretty much, forest comes to my mind when we are concepting and designing the invitation with greeneries. Since I was a kid, forest / jungle has been a place I count as a creepy place. We might get lost anytime through the trees because there is no navigation at all. But it might be different when we get through the "forest" with someone we love, get lost together into the woods. Not to say that we live however we want without looking around or considering others in our lives. Just like a forest, marriage life might be something very new for the newly wed. We might not know what kind of journey we are about to face in front of us, and we will keep on asking "what's next" everyday. But through all of the mystery, we are not walking alone. We have someone that commits to go with us no matter what we will face and how far we will need to walk, run, or even fall. Discovering the forest we walk through together, and discovering the person who walks beside us every single day - because there will always something new to discover in our marriage itself, and in the person along the way. And I believe Dika and Nova are the kind of couple that will bravely discover and walk through their marriage life, without giving up on loving and discovering each other too.

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