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Invitation for Yuanita and Indra at Singapore
by Memento Idea

Updated on 13 March 2019, Singapore

Everything is Possible As little children, we were full of imaginations and dreams. Some dreamt to be pilot, or astronaut, or doctors. Some dreamt to be like their parents or their teachers. Some simply dreamt to live a life full of love like they saw through their parents, and dreamt for true love with a dream-wedding celebration. But only a few hold on to believe and to pursue their dreams, because the rest of them buried it deep down in the grounds. It was not even in their hearts anymore because they have put it all away. Nowadays, we often choose to listen more to what people say and be more like someone who this world accepts; rather than who we want to be and chasing the kind of life we want. But Yuanita is different. When every woman was busy thinking of how to date or marry a man soon, she always spreads her positivity, joy and security of being single. Age is not the numbers that only matter for a “wedding race”, it’s all about our readiness, patience and God’s beautiful time. When most of influencers share only their pretty faces / beautiful bodies, Yuanita gives more encouragement for people on social media. It inspires lots of women to be thankful for their life and enjoy their seasons of being singles. She often mentions that Indra is someone who is too good to be true. Never once she thinks there is someone so true just like the man she dreams of for long times. Aside of having someone she dreams of to be a husband, she celebrated her wedding on cruise with her closest people, just like the dream wedding she have dreamt of for so long. Yuanita has been an inspiration for us that the best thing is to be ourselves, to spread as many as positivity and encouragement for people around us. To be with the right people that won’t put us down but always pray for us to be better than before, people who believe in us and our dreams too. She often says that all of these can’t be happened without God’s hands in her life. When we are God’s children, He always plans the best for us – and not to harm us. To give us the best future, and to prove to us that it is real : nothing is too big, and nothing is impossible, for God.

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