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Celebration Day for Our Friend
by Memento Idea

Updated on 09 November 2017, Jakarta

Arie is the first friend of us that becomes our client in Memento. I still remember, the first time I met Arie was at Junior High school – with all of his cheerfulness and good sense of humour. I actually never thought that Arie would be one of our friends that will “get married first” in the first of period during our quarter life. Time flies, there are lots of stories about happiness and lost of our friends; and one of the happy story is to hear that Arie is getting married! Turns out, he grows to be a mature man faster than I have thought – or even some friends thought before. What I know since we were at Junior High School is that Arie always loves and respects her Mother very much. And no matter how naughty each of us has ever been when we were teenagers, Arie is one of the guys that has his own principal and he holds on it tight. He chose not to follow others doing those bad “cool things” during teens life that were so happening that time – and we are not even considering it as “cool” anymore now. I always believe that as we grow up, the closest people to us will define who we are – and each of us has the magnets towards people with the same behaviors and values. That is why, time by time our circle of friends will shrink, becomes more and more narrow (but if it is for the better life for us in the future, why not?). Talking about the magnets, I do believe that good man will always attract good woman too – and the same thing also in the opposite. Long short story, I didn’t meet Arie very much right after we finished our Senior High School. We just did catch up in some highlighted events of our school friends; not even in reunion but in some happy and lost events that cause us to meet. But I did pay attention to the updates of my friends, including Arie. So there’s some updates about his relationship on Facebook; and the photos appear of this beautiful lady called Calvina. She is not the first woman I saw and I know from Arie’s life. But she is the most beautiful compared to others, Arie will think so too :) I did meet Arie and Calvina in some occasions sometimes, but we didn’t communicate as much as when we are helping to prepare their wedding. This time, I see that Arie is still the same cheerful and funny guy he was; but he really grows more mature and I can see it through his behaviors and gestures. While I talk to Calvina and get to know her more, I found that she is as beautiful as she looks – and even more. She has humble heart, and I can see how she loves Arie in mature way; further more when I found how she loves his family too! We always hope and pray nothing but for the endless joy and love through Arie and Calvina’s marriage life. And we can’t wait for the little feet’s presence in their house! "A celebration of a friend’s happiness will always has its own place compared to any other celebrations we have in life; aside of our owns."

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