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A pair of Wings
by Memento Idea

Updated on 29 January 2018, Jakarta

We walk with a pair of shoes on our feet. We see with a pair of eyes. We dance with a pair of hands to move. We can also do it with just one, one foot; one eye; or one hand. But having a pair is always better and the best way to do it. Humans are not created to be alone, but to get along together. Just like the birds that fly with a pair of their wings, we can fly with our spouse just when we found the one. Fly so high together, against ups and downs, blue skies and storms. For when one wing got wounded, the other will help to fly, to heal, and to fly again – higher than before. An invitation for Eko & Citra, we create it with prayers that they will always fly together with love in their hearts – against all storms and trials, embracing blue skies and happiness.

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