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A Tale of Grateful Love - Richard & Shoshana
by MC Ruben Nuranata

Updated on 02 August 2017, Chakra Restaurant, BSD

This is a story of two people comforting each other in a language even i am still amazed by it... a love language so unique and i personaly called it special because they can understand each other 'in silence'. Well, it is indeed hard to explain yet easy to feel once you get to know them... It all begin with a casual conversation with Sho, the bride, she wanted a classic wedding theme for their wedding concept, simple, grateful celebration and they want to put everything... just right Sho have an idea of bringing back Richard childhood fantasy moments. Since Richard is a huge fan of Japanesse action Hero Black Mask Rider RX, Sho planned to brought a real life Black Mask Rider RX and his nemesis, Gorgom to their wedding day as a surprise. So, we set a little bit of drama and a kidnap story, The bad guys Gorgom tries to kidnap Sho and Black Mask Rider RX come to the rescue and fight with the bad guys. At the time Richard's reaction is panic and tried to rescue Sho himself but suddenly the Black Mask Rider came and he realize that it was a surprise for him We did It, we surprised Richard with that scene and everybody in the room was shocked and confused, wondering what had happened and the Boom is the guests were busy taking picture The wedding was one of the highlits of 2016, I know Sho's brothers personally and it makes the wedding special, i feel the familiarity and for me it was 'Just Right'

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