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Story of Destiny - Davin & Yunisa Wedding
by Imelda Hudiyono Bride

Updated on 17 November 2017, Jakarta

By: Kairos Works

Cupid has bows and arrows as his power, I have invisible red strings. I believe I am created to proof to you that there is someone for everyone, and to connect one person to another with my string. And whoever have been connected with my strings, cannot be separated by anyone or anything. I don't think you can see me. But I assure you that I am very much alive. I even have a name. You might have heard of me. My name... Is Destiny. And this is one of my stories. It all began with an introduction by a mutual friend. But although Davin and Yunisa had one, they actually had never met each other before. One day, they decided to arrange a meeting. The meeting would take place in an event. They would meet and talk and we can pretty much guess that their night would turn out to be beautiful, and that they would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it was not that simple. The plan was ruined by violent rain. Sadly, the initial plan was cancelled. Davin and Yunisa probably thought that it was never meant to be, and they decided to let it go and forget about planning to meet altogether. Some time had passed. Yunisa was hanging out with a group of friends in a café when suddenly she saw Davin coming in. Of course, without hesitation, Yunisa invited him to join their table. They talked and talked and talked. And what’s a love story without a happy ending? “I understand that sometimes, I am weird and he's the only one who can match my weirdness without me feeling even weirder. And starting from that night, I fell for him," Yunisa.

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