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Yansen & Rika 1920s Inspired Wedding
oleh Yefta Gunawan

Diperbarui pada 10 Februari 2020, Jakarta

After their intimate wedding celebration in Bali, Yansen and Rika hosted another wedding celebration in Jakarta. They wanted their Jakarta wedding to be more glamorous and luxurious. Rika has a huge love for the 1920’s era. The glamorous art deco, jazz, and gold glitzy era stole her heart. We used a lot of modern art deco elements in the main backdrop and foyer installations. Gold and black colors were the main colors that are used to create that 1920’s look. Vibrant colors such as red, fuchsia, and purple flowers are used to accentuate the gold and black color theme. Mirror gazebo were built in the middle of the ballroom, complete with hanging gold leaves and chandeliers to create a dramatic entry for Yansen and Rika. One of our personal favorites in this wedding is Rika’s pleated silver dress. The dress gives a Met Gala and luxury vibe. Adding to that gorgeous dress was the chandelier-like earrings and high classic bun to complete the look. Bouquet of fuchsia calla lily also added that extra pop of color and elegance. It was a night of elegant and glamorous celebration for the two lovebirds and their families. The ballroom was filled with warm lights and 1920’s jazz. Truly a night to remember

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