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Jonathan & Dellany
oleh Vowever Wedding Planner

Diperbarui pada 10 Desember 2023, Bali

From the very beginning of our collaboration with Jonathan and Dellany, our wedding planning team sensed an extraordinary synergy with this dynamic couple. Their unique tastes, edgy style, and vibrant personalities created an instant connection, making it feel as if we had been friends for years. As we delved into discussions about their envisioned wedding, it became clear that Jonathan and Dellany were not just clients; they were partners in crafting a celebration that reflected their personalities authentically. The couple, both avid gamers with a particular fondness for Valorant, expressed a desire for a wedding that seamlessly blended futuristic and modern elements. As wedding planners, our task was not just to organize an event but to capture the essence of Jonathan and Dellany's connection and infuse it into every aspect of their celebration. From the re-vow ceremony to the reception, we collaborated closely with Behind The Vows to bring their vision to life. The "cloud nine" theme, with its classic and whimsical touch, was carefully chosen to complement the couple's fun-loving and adventurous spirits. The venue transformed into a dreamlike setting, adorned with white flowers and cotton clusters resembling floating clouds. This ethereal ambiance perfectly mirrored the couple's lighthearted and airy connection. The reception, however, stole the spotlight. The powder blue and coral color scheme, combined with holographic elements and neon lights, created an atmosphere that vibrantly reflected Jonathan and Dellany's energetic personalities. Yet, the true highlight of the entire celebration was the couple themselves. Jonathan and Dellany themselves radiated a charisma that transcended the visual spectacle. Their genuine joy, infectious laughter, and unfiltered expressions of love were the elements that truly made the celebration memorable. Jonathan and Dellany's wedding was a journey of self-expression and authenticity. As wedding planners, our role was to understand and amplify their unique connection, crafting not just an event but a lasting bond. Their dream wedding became a beautiful, unforgettable chapter that will be cherished always, lasting for a lifetime.

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