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Patagonian Explorer
oleh VC Tailormade Travel

Diperbarui pada 21 Juni 2019

This exclusive 15 days journey is catered for the keen adventurer who would like to experience the dramatic landscape of Patagonia. Starting in Chile’s capital, Santiago, we will venture to the Lake District for its myriad glacial lakes and picturesque German villages. Then, we will enter the Chilean Patagonia where you will enjoy an intimate walk with Magellanic penguins and an amazing hike in Torres Del Paine. From there, we will cross the border to the Argentinian side and slowly cruising through crumbling Perito Moreno Glacier. The adventure does not stop at Patagonia as we whisk you away to the world’s most impressive waterfalls, Iguazu, before writing a great ending with a touch of Argentina’s Tango culture in Buenos Aires.

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