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Finding Love in Italy
oleh VC Tailormade Travel

Diperbarui pada 21 Juni 2019

With so many romantic spots stapled to the country, planning a honeymoon in Italy can be a hit-or-miss, especially if done without any insider’s knowledge. This twelve days itinerary provides you with our all-time favorite and can be customized to match your personal couple goals. We will begin our journey in Milan, one of the world’s most recognized fashion capitals, and dig through a plethora of romantic scenes that are hidden under its glitzy surface. Then, head to Tuscany for its irresistible wine-rich hills and spend two nights exploring the beauty of Florence’s renaissance. Continuing south, we will arrive at the capital Rome, where romance blends seamlessly with ancient history and panoramic tables pop up at every turn. Finally, we will finish our journey with a beach escape to Capri Island and enjoy romantic meals in one of the hanging terraces along Amalfi Coast.

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