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Jef & Jessica Wedding || Same Day Edit by Garry Valentino
oleh valentinogarry

Diperbarui pada 15 April 2019, DKI Jakarta

Weddings are quilts woven entirely out of heartwarming relationships. Bride and groom, father-daughter, mother-son, parents-children, siblings, and best friends. We can get teary-eyed by the moments a daughter shares with her father, just before she leaves his house to be with her husband, or by a son who professes his gratitude towards his mother for raising him until he was ready to raise a family of his own. We can be filled with emotions just by watching a groom profess his love to the woman he is about to take as his wife, or a bride speak of the wonderful ways her husband-to-be has touched her and how she is ready to spend the rest of her life with him. These relationships color a wedding. However, there’s a certain kind of relationship that usually goes by unnoticed, and that is the relationship a bride has with her bridesmaids. There’s a bond between a bride and her bridesmaids, or more affectionately knowns as her best friends, her support system, her soul mates. They’ve probably been around longer than the relationship she has with her groom. They’ve probably caught her tears more times than the groom has. And they have probably seen her through more things than the groom has. Her groom may be the love of her life, but her friends were her first loves. At Jef and Jessica’s wedding, I noticed it - the relationship Jess has with her best friends - simply because it was too beautiful to go by unnoticed. It was heartwarming to see Jess wrap each and every one of them in a meaningful hug and to see them cry together at one moment only to laugh together a few minutes after that. It was as if they were beside themselves with happiness for Jess, their friend, the bride, who was about to embark on a new journey in life. Even before she spoke her lifelong promises to her husband, she first promised them that she will still be there for them after thanking them for being there for her. I think that’s love. I hope you enjoy the video. Garry

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