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The wedding of Michael & Echa by Tuca
oleh Tuca

Diperbarui pada 25 April 2021

Terima Kasih kepada Michael & Echa yang telah mempercayai Tuca untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam moment special kalian. Are you looking for a gift that is THOUGHTFUL, UNIQUE and PREMIUM? A gift that will have your guests feeling appreciative for having received such a useful and helpful gift from your dream wedding? Then you are exactly where you need to be. Not only is our hand sanitizer capable of killing 99.99% of germs, it is also FOOD GRADE, perfect for use at your wedding dinner! To top it all off, it contains lemon, vanilla, and peppermint essential oil, guaranteed to lift the mood and spirits of you and your guests with its wondrous fragrance. Tuca is committed to providing your wedding gift needs with our customizable premium hand sanitizer. Whether you need to change the color, add graphics or text to the packaging, we are ready to make your dream wedding come to life!

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