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Wedding of Ana Octarina & Adie Baron
oleh Tirtha Bali

Diperbarui pada 26 Desember 2018, Uluwatu, Bali

‘Today, our togetherness is witnessed by the universe, I will walk with you for the rest of our lives’ journey. I will take you to fly and see the beauty of the world. I will love you as much as what life has given us.’ That was an excerpt of Adie’s promise to Ana during their wedding vow. Ana Octarina and Adie Baron tied the knot on May 5th, 2018 with the vow exchange and reception that took place at the breathtaking Dining Pavilion in Tirtha Uluwatu, during the scenic sunset of Uluwatu cliff. Ana chose to have a rustic theme with white and gold color scheme on the stunning decorations with all guests wearing white, giving a beautiful and elegant atmosphere to the whole feel of the wedding. The ceremony was held under a stunningly decorated canopy at the cantilevered Glass Stage with a panoramic view of the magnificent Indian Ocean. The procession started with the 7 groomsmen and bridesmaids’ arrival, followed by the bride who was escorted by her father, while the beautiful song “Marry Your Daughter” by Bryan McKnight accompanied the walk. It was surely a very emotional moment for many tears of happiness were shed during the entrance. The couple then exchanged their heartfelt vows witnessed by the soft breeze and vast Indian Ocean. The couple specially selected ‘From the Ocean’ theme as their dinner menu, prepared in perfection by Chef Ryoichi Kano. Starting with super fresh Seafood Salad and Tomato Couscous as the appetizer, it was followed by Grilled Fish in Provence Sauce and Roasted Chicken Leg in Red Wine Sauce. ‘What a perfect dish for such a beautiful wedding’, some of the guests commented. The delightful evening was closed by a surprise song for Ana where Adie suddenly started singing ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ in the midst of the party although forgetting some of the lyrics, creating lots of laughter and making the fun evening even more joyful.

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