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Real Wedding of Mega & Ricky
oleh Tirtha Bali

Diperbarui pada 19 April 2022, Uluwatu cliff Bali

The casual and relaxed garden setting turned into a glamorous reception thanks to the decor-centric theme, enlivened by pops of pink and green. Ricky and Mega’s wedding was incidentally one of Tirtha’s rising in popularity couple-only wedding, hence it was exceptional for all parties involved. The team was able to give extra attention to the decor, made more extravagant than ever, to allow the couple to delight in a beautiful setting in nature that is teeming with life. “Although just the two of us, 10 hours together flew so fast,” the groom recalled. “We really enjoyed the service, and of course, having uninterrupted time with each other was the best part.”

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