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oleh Tirtha Bali

Diperbarui pada 05 Agustus 2020, Uluwatu

Bali’s leading wedding destination venue, Tirtha Bridal continues to add to its growing portfolio with the launch of Hanamizuki, a full-service luxury event design boutique specializing in sustainable elegance, clean and minimalist aesthetic for onsite/ offsite weddings as well as private and corporate events throughout Bali, Indonesia and beyond. Deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, the Hanamizuki concept harmonizes the natural surroundings and seeks out to embrace the beauty of nature. The core value of the design is inspired through the word Hanamizuki: hanaflower, mizuwater, and kiwood representing the elements of nature that embodies every characteristic for an elegant decoration. The Hanamizuki designs are modern, sleek, organic, textural, and nature-inspired. Uniting elegance with elements of nature, Hanamizuki offers a luxury decor that magnifies characteristics of nature in its planning and design. It is a hands-on approach to weddings and events; orchestrating a one of a kind curated approach to life’s most unforgettable celebrations where minimalism takes centre stage to maximise sustainability.

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