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Aurelie & Thomas Engagement
oleh Tim Moore

Diperbarui pada 09 Oktober 2017, Paris

It all started in Paris during a housewarming party held at a friend’s place where they were both invited to celebrate. When Thomas saw Aurélie for the first time that night, he said to himself he had to go and talk to her. They spent a lovely moment there chatting and laughing and somehow Aurélie managed to get his phone number thanks to the host of the Party. The next day, she surprised him and called to ask how was the early morning sport session he had scheduled – and had been funnily bragging about after a few drinks that night – early in the morning after the housewarming party. Their first date took place in Paris where they went for a picnic on the banks of the Seine river and allowed them to know each other better after discussing various topics going from « tips and tricks to achieve a perfect and attractive profile page on dating websites » to dreams of adventures and travels around the world. Their day went on until very late and ended up on the dance floors of the fancy Wanderlust parisian club – and trust me these two showed me during our session how extraordinary they are when it comes to dancing ! They quickly realized that they were sharing the same vision of life and love and never left each other since that day. Remember what I said about their common dream to travel around the world ? well, they recently decided that it was time to jump into that dream and went together on a long and exciting trip to Sri Lanka, the west coast of the US, Peru and Brazil. This adventure offered Aurélie and Thomas stunning experiences such as biking on the Golden Gate Bridge, diving in the incredible waters of Lagoa Encantado or the visiting the extraordinary Inca city of Machu Picchu. But the most incredible moment of their trip happened when they both landed, full of adrenaline and excitement, on the ground after a skydiving session during sunset near the Iguaçu Waterfalls in Brazil. Thomas fell down on one knee, Aurélie first thought he got injured but quickly realized that he was proposing and, after a moment of surprise and emotion, she said YES.

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